14. December 2021 - 0:30
This is a virtual event YOU DO NOT HAVE TO physically show up anywhere If you support this boycott please say you are attending and write something on behalf of the animals.
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Boycott Against Animal Haters...Boycott Jewelry Exchanges | Tuesday, 14. December 2021

Owners Larry Berfond and Scott Levine are animal haters and are just NOT nice people. They own the International Jewelry Exchanges in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach and Adventura. There are a few cat colonies on their property as well as ducks and Raccoons. Larry Has run over and killed ducks and some of the cats have mysteriously been found dead or disappeared from his property. It was told to me by workers in the Boca exchange, Larry had one of his henchmen Security guards Brian poison them. Larry is presently leading an illegal effort to trap remove/**** raccoons which is completely illegal since he is using a non-licensed pot smoking drug addict named Steve Gray and paying him a bounty for each one trapped. Although many people who work at the Boca Jewelry Exchange try to feed the cats and ducks, Larry threatens to have them fired or kicked out of the exchange every time he sees them feed the cats and ducks. He would rather see the animals die a slow agonizing death from starvation. Animal right activists including myself have tried to reason with him all to no avail. Contact Larry and ask him to be a good and decent person and to work with us animal right advocates. We are willing to do almost anything to work with Larry and Scott, keep his property clean and feed them when the shopping center closes. We also have fixed and vaccinated them without ANY expense to them. Until then we ask you to Boycott all of Larry and Scott's Jewelry Exchanges. We will keep you informed and updated and will call off the boycott when Larry and Scott decide to become decent humans.