01. October 2018 - 20:00
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Candlelight Vigil in memory of Wes Camp | Monday, 01. October 2018

There will be a candlelight vigil held outside of Wes's home on Friday, July 25th. Please bring your own candles and be respectful to all who are attending.
  • I had a dream about you last night we were hanging out eating pizza together :-) it felt like it was reality and you were really here
  • Here are some videos of Wesley
  • His voice!!!!
  • Wes, you where a wonderful man to my daughter. When you looked over toward my daughter, and said, for my wedding I want..... you had the biggest grin. I would have loved to have you as my son in law. In my heart, you already where my son in law. You had such a beautiful heart that we all loved. You two had a love that was very special, and not everyone in this world finds but, you two found it together. This was the pic I took of the two of you together at Kitty & Melissa's Wedding. I still remember you singing your special song to Kayla on the karaoke machine at the wedding as, Kayla & I cheered you on dancing. I had such a wonderful day at the wedding with you two. You will always have a place in our hearts, and everyone's heart you touched which, was many. I know by the way you where with my daughter, and how respectful you where with me that you must have had a wonderful mother. I know that I never got to meet her but, would like to thank her for the amazing man she raised that touched my daughters life, and our lives so much. Thank you Wes, for everything you where, everything you did, and all the love, and joy that you shared. Such an amazing man.
  • I think we should have another on WesSide's Birthday seems only right
  • Wes was always there for me since I was about 22. Always gave me relationship advice and always let me ramble to him. To be honest he was one of my only close friends that stayed around even after a few years of not talking, and I know I wasn't as close to him as most people but he was my pizza loving forever playing the same gta game buddy. And I still owe him zeldas pizza. No matter what he was always there. When I had no where to go, he was there, when I had no friends he was there. He always made me laugh. And boy could he cook. I remember he made these chocolate fudge rice Krispy things and we kept stuffing them in our faces cause they were so chocolaty then we had the worse stomach ache for like an hour heh. I didn't have any pictures to post and didn't make it to the vigil, but I shared memories with him and felt like saying something to be at peace. I will be lost in life without a friend like him. Rip wes.
  • Not trying to bring everyone back to feeling horrible, but just thought everyone should be fully aware that on 7/30/2014 at 8:30 AM @ Dept 62 at the courthouse (651 I Street), will be the first court appearance of Matthew Brownwood and Deonte Upchurch. I feel sort of like I am doing wrong by even mentioning their names on this page, but I would hope you can look past this infraction because you are, like me, outraged about Wes's murder and hope that justice will be served. If you are available on 7/30/2014 and can make it, but don't know what to expect - this is not a trial or even the beginning of much other than what is usually an unnecessarily long process of setting court dates in the somewhat near future. Regardless, I think a strong showing of interest from a group of people at each and every step would send a clear message that this was not just another murder, this deeply affected a large and diverse group of people (as evidenced last night at the candlelight vigil). If you do decide to go, the last thing you want to do is shout, yell, or in any way disturb the court at any time. I have very little respect for law enforcement, our 'pay to play' legal system, etc - but you have got to know that when you go to a place like the courthouse, you unfortunately have no other option but to play by the rules that they set. It will be difficult to not want to shout out in anger, but please refrain from doing so. Instead, think about this.. Do you know that feeling you get when someone is staring at you, and you turn around to see some strange person staring right at you?? Imagine that feeling, but with 100+ people doing it all at once. I know it might not be as satisfying as many other things ( does violence really get anyone anywhere anyways? ), it would be at the very least a way to be informed about how our courts work (Spoiler alert: not very well at all, unless you are very wealthy and/or famous) and keep updated on the actual facts of this horrible crime. Sorry if I am offending anyone by posting this (mainly members of the Camp family, and a few extended others - everyone else can pretty much **** off. I am not sorry if you do not fall into that small aforementioned group of people, but that are offended by me mentioning the accused's names on his page. That's enough for typing stuff between brackets for now, maybe... ok... done.).
  • <3
  • Can you guys post pics on my 'Remembering Wes' page please?
  • Before the sunset..all us early birds..these were all the pics i managed to snap
  • Thank you Wes for explaining to me that the song says, "The ceiling cant hold us." i thought it said, "The ceiling can holders!"
  • This was beautiful, whoever it was that came up with this idea, thank you. Amar and I signed them and we were glad to be part of this. There was so much support out there, wish we could have stayed longer!
  • Thank you for bringing all of is together to remember.
  • RIP
  • If everyone could please post all pics and vids they have so i can make a compilation id be very greatful. Thanks to everyone who showed up and showed love.
  • Rip wes we love and miss you. Beautiful angel <3
  • ill be making a pizza at 10 o'clock missouri time for 8 cali time,all i can do no candles. love ya wessi.
  • Alrighty dears, i have extended the event date so that this page can remain active after the vigil. Just wanted to specify so there wasn't any confusion. See you guys tomorrow! :)