11. October 2018 - 19:00 till 21:00
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CPD Seminar: The Anatomy of Site Prolongation Damages (Singapore) | Singapore Management University, Level 3, Seminar Room 3.2 | Thursday, 11. October 2018

A look at the background, what to include and how to prove financial damages for site prolongation due to an Extension of Time.
Site prolongation damages should be simple to calculate; however, the nature and complexity of most projects adds challenges and can blur the distinction between what is a legitimate expense and what is unrecoverable.
This seminar seeks to clarify this confusion and provide a clear understanding of what Site Prolongation Damages are and how they should be presented to give the most optimal chance of a successful outcome.
Learning objectives

An understanding of the background of site prolongation damages.

An understanding of what to include in a claim for site prolongation damages.

An understanding of how site prolongation damages are calculated.

An understanding of how to prove site prolongation damages.

About the speaker
David Kelly, B. Build (CE)(hons), FAIQS, MRICS, ARI, ACIArb
David is an eminent construction industry professional, possessing a background in Quantity Surveying. In 2015 he was awarded the prestigious Construction Week Qatar Magazine “Construction Executive of the Year” award.
David has also written and published a number of books and written articles covering a wide range of aspects of construction and dispute related his 30 years career, David has been involved in a variety of sectors and worked around the globe. In a book by Joe M. Powell of Rice University Building Institute called “The New Competitiveness in Design and Construction”, David was described as one of 80 International Market Leaders in the construction industry globally.
In 2000, David was awarded the AIQS’s President’s Medal for services to the profession. David has operated as a Tribunal and Party Appointed Expert Witness, having testified numerous times in various tribunals on matters of quantum.