28. September 2019 - 19:00
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DBH Pittsburgh's Buy-our-Block Project (Membership) | Saturday, 28. September 2019

    DBH brings you this Pittsburgh's Buy-our-Block Project. This project should first inform you that we care about our people and our community. This project should teach 5 Key lessons 1st Unity is Power. 2nd Love goes to everyone even if they have a heart of hate. Hurt people will try to hurt people but Healed people will heal people. (That’s our mission) 3rd Supporting is motivation; motivations creates a changed. 4th Utilizing your talents develops an individual into prospering and 5th Change starts when you take that first step.
DBH would like Thank you for support. Support does multiple things like it insures us that there is people that is on the same mission as us and it also allows us to work even harder. So thank you so much.
Let's Buy-Our-Block and make a better Pittsburgh together!
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