01. January 2022 - 0:00
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Euphoric Delights For Seniors. | Saturday, 01. January 2022

Thank you Shweta Mehta for this superb idea!!

This page is dedicated to the generation that created our generation. The seniors… (I add the word only to get attention from the target audience, I prefer the word, ‘young at heart’!?)
Sometimes they uproot themselves from their place of comfort and join us in alien countries to support us on our ventures. Many of them are homebound and miss the everyday connection to their friends.

Here’s a place for them to connect with each other,
If the ‘young at heart’ community would like to meet up for walks/ get together at parks or other social activities etc…

Please post zipcode/neighborhood, date, time and a park close by to initiate a get together in a familiar/ safe place for our parents to meet and connect.

A few notes.
• Please do not post about commercial events on this page.
• No promotions /ads/ forwards of any kind allowed on this page
• Please chose areas that are public and safe for the ‘young at heart’ to meet in
• Please do not post personal details on this page and put your safety at risk. This page is public. Please be vary of the information you put here.
• All guidelines that apply for main Euphoric Delights Group main forum, apply here.

Let’s help make this place a happier place for everyone, especially the ones who brought us into this world and made us who we are! :-)