07. September 2017 - 11:00
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Everybody Points Their Fans At The Hurricane To Blow It Away | United States | Thursday, 07. September 2017

Everyone takes their fans outside and points them at Hurricane Irma to blow it away from us. Air compressors with a blow gun attachment also a plus, or anything else. Get creative. Date/time subject to change due to the unpredictable path it may take.

*Not responsible for any collapsed lungs should you choose to blow manually.
  • So far, we haven't had much luck.. so maybe if we get Irma her child support she'll leave our beloved Florida alone!
  • Helping out from Wisconsin.
  • Since I'm in Colorado I'm not sure how much good it will do but I've got my fan going
  • It looks like it worked guys, good job! Next time lets all **** in the ocean to cancel the tsunami
  • We've got to put our fans on oscillate and point them in a south southwesterly position!!! if we don't act now we could pull it back on shore!!!!!!!!
  • Is everybody clear, at this point, as to which direction we should be turning our fans? Just asking. 😂
  • Denis Marcel Cavalheiro vamo ajudar os colega dos states
  • I have all of my box fans on and ready!!!! ****
  • Lilly Herondale Coming?
  • I'll help you by putting my inverted fan here in Brazil to pull the hurricane
  • I'll take my new **** black fan...
  • just wants a hug!
  • If nobody had turned their back on Trash Dove maybe he could have fanned this storm away with all that headbangin'
  • Old cone pic - still funny
  • Here's some Hurricane humor for those of us riding it out! Enjoy!
  • OK, ready to help out. I've got a ceiling fan!!!! Now, if only I can figure out which way to spin it. Is it down for summer and up for winter? Or is it clockwise for west and counterclockwise for east? Or is it.....? Hmmmm, this is way more complicated than I thought...... 🤔
  • Joshua Stanaland you should start a fundraiser man... You got great visibility with this now
  • Its not working. What do I do now? Its already here.
  • Here from Brazil i'm trying to help u guys!
  • Make sure you reverse the polarity of the fan first. If you don't, you might fuel the hurricane, making things worse.
  • Alright, I think I found the culprit..... this guy screwed with Irma's path.. smh... 😪