15. May 2025 - 13:00
(Yes! It's happening NOW!) What: we play drum, do group OM, and stuffs. Where: Blackfriars Community Garden London ON. When: Every Thursday 5pm for now. BRING ALONG YOUR OWN DRUMS AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS!
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EveryThur5pm DrumCircle BlackfriarsGarden LondonON St Patrick St by Thames. | Thursday, 15. May 2025

Note: This weekly event started in Spring 2011 and takes place Every week, whether it rains or shines. It keeps going even in the winter unless everybody got snowed in. But then it's the most fun with 6 feet of snow!


What: we play drum, do group OM, and stuffs. Where: Blackfriars Community Garden London ON. When: Every Thursday 5pm for now. But if you like it on Friday, let us know and we might change day.

here's page about Blackfriars:


Earth Cafe will be hanging around the garden both Thur and Fri around 5pm anyways


Blackfriars Community Garden at 6 St Patrick Street, which is by the Thames, right south of Wharcliff and Oxford, east off of Wharncliff, first street.

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Plenty tree and grass. The plants will need some drumming and music to grow healthy.

I'm gonna be there this Thur 5pm anyways (as well as every Thur AND Fri 5pm).

Let us all know if u prefer Thur or Fri .

Also, right next door, at the Blue House (6 St Patrick), on every Wednesday night 8pm, Jake Levesque hosts the Musical Spotlight featuring different London artists every week and it's open to all who are interested.


It is a garden open to everyone. It is city property. So anyone interested in the spirit of the community is welcome to join. There is no established norm. And it is not exclusive to one particular age group or subculture. There is no set agenda.

All that defines the "Blackfriars Drum Circle" is its place, its day, and its time. All who come to the garden are welcome to join in, no matter how small the circle is. There is no exclusion, and no exclusive "small circles" that require permission to join. As long as you are at the Garden at 5pm, you are part of our circle. Feel free to say hi to us and feel free to invite anyone who comes in to join in.


Google about Blackfriars: