02. February 2022 - 9:00 till 11:00
Somewhere on Earth (TBD)
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The Greatest Run on Earth - The Sub 2 Hour Marathon - It IS about Time! | Wednesday, 02. February 2022

Where in the world? We are looking for a stretch of road 26.2 miles in length and all downhill (not net elevation loss, ALL downhill, but not too steep down) Does such a place exist where the worlds best athletes, with the help of gravity, could run 4:34.8 pace for 26.2 miles? (1:59:59 marathon) Of course if successful this race would not be eligible for world records but it would be plenty exciting!

The date, time and place has not yet been determined, thus all the 2s in this event listing. After the route has been located we are looking for a few forward thinking sponsors to help make this event happen. Imagine the tremendous attention a well planned and publicized event like this would generate?

Think about it, throughout history the bar has been constantly raised by people who have done things that have never before been accomplished. For example, Charles Lindbergh was the 1st to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, so why not a 1st sub 2 hour marathon?

As you can see this topic has already generated many discussions and we feel it will continue to generate many discussions.