25. December 2034 - 0:00
Mike's New House on Vienna Road
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Hard boiled egg challenge | Monday, 25. December 2034

The first annual Mike (Tree) Adams Hard Boiled Egg Challenge

*Location Mike's House

*Date TBD

*Mike will attempt to eat 12 hard boiled eggs within 10 mins he is not allowed to drink any water during that time.

*After a 5 min break he will then attempt to run a mile in 10 mins.

*If he throws up he loses but if he completes this he will win a cash prize.

*Cheese popcorn and extra hard boiled eggs will be provided for spectators.

*Intermission performance by the 90's hip hop star Eve (rough riders)

*Fun for all ages!!

*Bottle rockets will be provided for entertainment.


*Door Prizes and more