08. September 2017 - 12:00
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Hurricane Irma - Check-In | United States | Friday, 08. September 2017

This event was create to share updates and allow people to check-in during and after Hurricane Irma.
  • Just recently got internet/TV back (where we had been staying...)electric about 2days ago...cell phone service is still very spotty(it comes & goes?!?!)Pretty bad when u'r trying 2let loved ones know that u are ok & visa versa.With that being said....even with the damage(fairly minimal..)& just the aggravation of it "ALL"it could have been a lot worse...we were blessed.Praying for those who were not as fortunate.
  • Everything here is fine, don't want to set my yard back up yet with the other 3 out there.
  • https://m.facebook.com/sustainable.santacruz/albums/1499090170148456/?ref=m_notif¬if_t=like
  • Loving the Wilson RV😎Go Bucs
  • Ok,
  • IRMA was a lady for our family. We lost power, phone and Internet for four days and quite a mess to clean up from Oak tree branches and leaves but property damage. This being our 6th hurricane we were well equip with water, food and fuel for our generators. No A/C but refrigerator and freezer and fans. Monday morning the yard was a mess and clean up began, leaves and branches were piled 3-4 feet high. The pool had 2-3 garbage cans full of leaves on the bottom. For our family all is well. I still have not been able to make contact with good friend on eastern side of state. We were fortunate, many were not,
  • We weathered the scary storm just fine. No house damage but lots of limbs and tops of trees down. Many many thanks to daughter Brenda and son in law Mike for spending the last two days cleaning up the yard. My old bones just about gave out with the preparations and weren't ready to bend for the cleanup. The did a great job and were worn out themselves. Great to have family helping.
  • Looking to donate supplies - blankets/pillows/clothing/ anything that is needed. Locations??
  • best hurricane I ever had never lost power
  • Scenes around Clay County
  • Safe and so is my family! Praise the Lord, thank you, Jesus!~ :) :* :* :* ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ O:) O:) O:) <3 <3 <3
  • I'm safe and glad my friends and family are too. Hopefully everyone has power by now!
  • Are we watching Hurricane Maria
  • Update, Saturday 09/16/2017
  • All is well ,everyone is safe Praise God ! Got power back Friday evening and and cable on Saturday. We are so spoiled !
  • If you know anyone in need of water and can goods in Highlands County, let me know. Some great folks in Ohio sent a pick up truck load of water and can goods.
  • Thank you to everyone that came to my rescue. I'm all done getting set up. All is good.
  • Sanibel Isle
  • How's everyone?
  • We are still doing OK, road has been semi-fixed enough that we can at least get back home without destroying our car. Barely made it out on Wed. to get to a hotel. Power is hopefully slotted to be restored by tomorrow. Last time someone checked the line out front was still down. Thankful to be alive and to have little or Jo damage other than loss of all our food. Hopefully when lights are restored we do jot fins any new issues with anutuingnin the house. And look an like we can go home to somewhat normal living after we check out tomorrow.
  • I am okay, along with my friends and family. My house still has no power, but hopefully, it will come back on soon. I feel homesick and I miss my dad and dogs, but they are at my house. Still praying for the Caribbean and hopefully, I can donate to them and the Harvey victims, along with the people affected by the Mexico earthquake and the major flooding in South Asia.
  • Feeling very thankful. When I evac'd from Tampa, I never thought I would be returning to car and condo. But, power has been restored, and I will be flying back from Nashville on Monday (first day when the flights weren't sold out). Ticket was expensive, but I want to get back. All in the fam all over FL are OK. Most are still without power and, like everyone, are trying to find ways to deal with the heat. The family ranch in the Everglades has the added issue of the multitude of freshly-hatched and hungry mosquitoes. We are lucky there, though -- the generator is working and we have gas.