05. April 2020 - 7:00 till 23:30
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ICU 2020: The 10-Year Promise | Sunday, 05. April 2020

Hey everyone!


As our study abroad is coming to a close, a few of us OYR's were thinking it would be fun to meet again someday in the future. Hence the birth of the 10-year Promise.

Basically, let's meet again in 10 years at ICU! In Spring 2020, let's gather together at the Bakayama and reminisce about the fun times we had at ICU, drag out old pictures and videos, talk about what's happened in the past 10 years, show off your kids... etc!!! XD XD And remember, nothing says reunion like a hanami ;D

This event is open to anyone. OYRs, regular students, staff - basically if you were at ICU this year and you want to meet us/each other in person and not just online again one day, join!!!!

Ok people, you have 10 years to save up in your respective curriencies ;D With any luck, hope to see you all then! :D