01. October 2022 - 5:00 till 8:00
EveryWhere n Everytime
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LET'S READ OR LISTEN TO QUR'AN EVERYDAY. | Saturday, 01. October 2022

QUR'AN.. is the instructor of the world of humanity; the light and water of Islam, the macroanthropos; the true wisdom of mankind; and the true guide and leader urging humanity to prosperity and happiness; it is a both a book of law, and a book of prayer, and a book of wisdom, and a book of worship, and a book of command and summons, and a book of invocation, and a book of thought, and a unique, comprehensive sacred book comprising many books to which recourse may be had for all the needs of all mankind..The Words ( 377). Let's busy ourselves by either reading or listening to at least a verse from the Quran everyday.Being busy with the verses removes heedlessness; feeds human emotions and senses;cleanses the contaminated emotions and thoughts and heals spiritual mental and psychological illnesses.


Let's read or listen to Qur'an because of Divine Command and with the intention of gaining Divine Pleasure and Love. Worship and servitude of God look to the Divine command andDivine pleasure. The reason for worship is the Divine command and its result is Divine pleasure. Its fruits and benefits look to the Hereafter.

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