20. July 2017 - 19:00 till 20:00
Colorado State Fair - Weather Port Tent
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Mike Love | Thursday, 20. July 2017

Show us your country, and get some dirt on those boots at the Mike Love Band concert at the Pueblo County Fair, Thursday, July 20. The high-energy show will be in the Weather Port Tent on the Colorado State Fair Grounds.

Tickets are $10. A link to purchase tickets will be posted here when they are available for sale in June.

Mike Love is a new artist, but one with fifty thousand miles on him. An artist who not only grew up in and around the music industry, but has spent his entire life strapped with a guitar both onstage and in the studio. With a four song EP to his name back in 2002, Mike’s also no stranger to the center stage spotlight. A decade and million miles later, Mike saw it as time to step back into the center of the stage and take the music where he wants it to go.
With his new album Gypsy Man, Mike has made a definitive statement…he loves country music. Not what most (sadly) consider to be country music, but REAL country music. Songs that are rooted in stories and melodies that don’t cross over onto ***** Contemporary radio. Country so authentic that when it comes through your car speakers the dashboard starts to smell the same as a stale beer soaked bar stage.