13. October 2017 - 11:00
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Mothership Women's Festival & Retreat 2017 | Coachella Valley California | Friday, 13. October 2017

The Largest Overnight Feminist Festival In Southern California...
MOTHERSHIP 2017 is our biggest year ever, with events like: tattoos, sexual health workshops, tarot, self-defense, song-writing, silent disco and with uber-talented live bands and DJ's. As always, everything is 100% female-driven.

We are the anti-mean girls
the new wave riot grrrl
LBTQ encompassing,
ultra-inclusive creatives
who believe in the power of women supporting other women...

We know a good time and expanding minds are not mutually exclusive, and thus MOTHERSHIP was born.
We are an activist organization that creates special, kickass festival events for feminists.

Learn more: mothershipfest.com
  • MOTHERSHIP at San Fran Pride! Thanks Galaxy :)
  • The Musical Lineup! www.mothershipfest.com for remaining pre-sale tix.
  • The Musical Lineup! www.mothershipfest.com for remaining pre-sale tix.
  • Catch Lea Beiley​ jamming out at MOTHERSHIP Women's Fest 2017. Pre-sale tickets nearly gone! wwww.mothershipfest.com
  • The MOTHERSHIP 2017 lineup! pssst. Early bird pricing is nearly gone, snag yours today :) www.mothershipfest.com
  • Hi there, I found out about this event in the app HER, and it literally sounds like my heaven like literally! Feminism is such a big part in my life and being around that would be amazing. But I have a few questions, I'm Non Binary & I use they/them pronouns. It's like 10% of me identifys as a women but the other 90% I don't identify with either binary genders. And I wanted to know even tho I don't fully identify as a women can I still go? And another question its in coachella valley & I live in LA, so it's pretty far and I don't have a ride there. Will there be any kind of travel bus that could take me there or are there car pools? Or is it just a find ur own ride. And I have other question but those are my main two. Thank you if someone reads this and has some answers lol.
  • Casey Chorjel
  • Announcing Faarrow! Mothershipfest.com 🌴
  • So happy and proud to announce that WASI will be joining us for the 3rd year in a row at MOTHERSHIP 2017! We love these gals. Get into them. Tickets & Info: http://www.mothershipfest.com/
  • Catch Tegan and Sara at MOTHERSHIP 2017! Surprise :) Tickets & Info: http://www.mothershipfest.com/ Tegan and Sara Foundation
  • Have ya'll heard that MOTHERSHIP 2017 is partnering with the Tegan and Sara Foundation ?? <3 tix --> www.mothershipfest.com
  • MOTHERSHIP: An Overnight Feminist Fest in Coachella, Ca. Oct. 13-15, 2017! Women/Womxn, Art, Events, Music & Camping! mothershipfest.com for tickets <3
  • More about our Community: MOTHERSHIP is a women's fest fit for 2017. We host a distinct, activated, network of women who have one thing in common: a belief that something special happens when hundreds of women gather together, outside of traditional society. We promote radical inclusion and self-expression. We also know that diversity is an asset to our community; our workshops, music and events reflect that. Share your unique gifts with the MOTHERSHIP community. Learn. Share. Grow. Celebrate. Pre-sale tickets available now: http://www.mothershipfest.com/
  • All women acts make up less than 15% of Coachella. MOTHERSHIP promises 100%.
  • Thank you Cailin Corbett for sharing this with me, I'm getting all kinds of feels reading the description... it just might be possible!
  • Dani Moore Lauren Siongco
  • Laura Handly sister ****?
  • Not sure how I'm going to get here yet. But I will.
  • Amazing. Is this trans inclusive?
  • Feminist tats and more @ MOTHERSHIP 2017. Early-bird pricing on tickets, available now! http://www.mothershipfest.com/
  • Women and our talents need to take up MORE SPACE. That is why MOTHERSHIP is 100% female driven. All the music you hear will be performed by female-identified womxn! Pre-sale tickets are available for a short time at mothershipfest.com. This is the most affordable time to purchase your ticket!
  • Happy to announce our partnership with the Tegan and Sara Foundation. Learn more at Mothershipfest.com!
  • MOTHERSHIP 2017 pre-sale tickets are out now :) This is the most affordable option for you early birds! http://www.mothershipfest.com/
  • Pre-sale tickets live this Sunday! At mothershipfest.com
  • <3