13. October 2017 - 11:00
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Mothership Women's Festival & Retreat 2017 | Coachella Valley California | Friday, 13. October 2017

The Largest Overnight Feminist Festival In Southern California...
MOTHERSHIP 2017 is our biggest year ever, with events like: Breath workshops, self-defense classes, drum circles, costume tents and with uber-talented live bands and DJ's. As always, everything is 100% female-driven.

We are the anti-mean girls
the new wave riot grrrl
LBTQ encompassing,
ultra-inclusive creatives
who believe in the power of women supporting other women...

This is a world for women.
Learn more: mothershipfest.com
  • "MOTHERSHIP seeks to be different than other female-oriented events. They want the women attending to have a full experience and celebrate themselves and the bond of sisterhood. While the festival embraces feminism, Wise realizes that not everyone is ready to do the same until they are exposed to what gender equality truly is." - MISSBISH
  • Ahoy Mateys! We're having a treasure hunt at MOTHERSHIP 2017 brought to you by Unbound and guess what the booty is? ..... 🤩💋⭐🔥 https://unboundbox.com/collections/limited-edition-boxes
  • Learn more about the Lioness Artgasm experiment at MOTHERSHIP...
  • *LET'S TALK CAMPING* Scared of camping? Welcome to the club! At MOTHERSHIP we've set things up to feel more like a glamping experience. We make it easy! We'll have showers, flushing toilets, running water, food trucks for meals, cold beverages and booze covered! Just snag a tent and join us, and if that's too much - with the "Easy Camp Setup for 2" pass you get a large tent, 2 sleeping bags, camping chairs, sleeping pads and more. Plus, we set it up for you! So when you arrive, you can get right to the fun. We encourage you to camp because it enhances your experience, and helps you bond with the community. But you are allowed to snag a hotel or off-site lodging, no one will fault you for it. See you soon! 🎫Tickets and easy camp pass: www.mothershipfest.com 🌴Event: Oct. 13-15, 2017 in Coachella, CA
  • "The first thing I thought was, 'OK, this sounds like what would happen if Burning Man and Lilith Fair had a child.' But in taking a closer look, something became more evident..." - FRANK Newsletter 💋Tickets live @ www.mothershipfest.com 💥Oct. 13-15 in Coachella, CA
  • "Each year in the Coachella Valley, music fans gather together for performances, panels, food trucks, and a general fun-loving atmosphere...And they’re all women." - Global Citizen 💚💚💚 Oct. 13-15, 2017 Coachella, CA Tickets Live: www.mothershipfest.com
  • So excited to welcome Tasya van Ree ARTIST & Nitsa Citrine of Women With Superpowers at MOTHERSHIP 2017. Catch their panel on Art, healing & the female spirit. 💚Oct. 13-15, 2017 🌴Coachella, CA 💥Tickets live: www.mothershipfest.com
  • Big thanks to Jenny Shah for the amazing song on our 2017 MOTHERSHIP Video! 😘 Don't miss the feminist campout of the year! Oct. 13-15, 2017 in Coachella, CA. Tickets: www.mothershipfest.com
  • Hey there women, any solo travelers out there looking to share a space at the retreat? I'll be traveling from Louisiana, so I'll have a hard time bringing gear.
  • "One thing that I’ve noticed in a lot of women’s events in particular is that they often have just one focus like yoga and spirituality, for example. I wanted this festival to be more active and reflective of the fact that women are multi-layered and well-rounded humans. We have such a broad spectrum of interests and the programming is reflective of that — there are many activations such as meditative yoga, **** and sexual pleasure workshops, drum circles, musical outlets, and arts, crafts, and lots of glitter." / Posture Magazine 💙Oct. 13-15, 2017 in Coachella, CA💙 Tickets: http://www.mothershipfest.com/
  • "Most bad *** female-driven festival in the world" - Raw Femme 💚Ticket link in comments! Let's do this.💚 🌴Oct. 13th-14th in Coachella Valley, CA 🌴
  • Don't Miss the 'Women With Superpowers' panel featuring Tasya Van Ree & Nitsa Citrine on art/women/healing! www.mothershipfest.com ⚡️🖤⚡️🖤
  • Greetings, sisters! Have you ever had the opportunity to do some hand drumming? Pound out some rockin' rhythms with your sisters? As luck would have it, I will be teaching a session on hand drumming for beginners, facilitating a community drum circle, and generally raising energy with the power of our hands and hearts! Not to mention some drumming with the Nasty Womyn Drummers, who lead the West Hollywood and Long Beach **** marches earlier this year. Yes, I will have loaner drums and hand percussion available, AND will be bringing a collect of drums they may need to go home with you!!! See you soon!!!!
  • anybody carpooling passing thru Ktown/DTLA?
  • *Oct. 13-15 in Coachella, CA* 3-days, 2-nights, Camping, Music, Events & Art. Join our temporary world for women. <3 Tickets live: http://www.mothershipfest.com/
  • "Since 2014, MOTHERSHIP Women’s Festival & Retreat has become a special and sacred place for women to convene in Coachella Valley, CA. The three-day overnight event, which will take place from October 13-15, is billed as “one-of-a-kind camping experience is designed to bring together art, music, culture, education, philanthropy, and feminism.” It offers events by day such as tattoos, sexual health workshops, tarot, self-defense, songwriting, yoga and more." - tHeARTofla
  • "What will I eat?" & answers to other important questions! Check out the MOTHERSHIP FAQ :)
  • Sounds cool. Are There any vending opportunities?
  • “This is another space where we can go,” Wise says. “We can have these really important conversations; we can regroup and keep the political momentum going while having a really good time, being in this beautiful desert setting, eating good food, watching awesome music, and learning about other things we really enjoy.” Thanks NYLON
  • Any other folks from NYC going? I am super pumped for this!
  • “Now more than ever, we are using our platforms to promote positivity in our community and we’re thrilled to be able to do that at MOTHERSHIP this year,” said Tegan and Sara to GO Magazine.
  • “I want this to be a place where women come and they meet other really interesting like-minded women that they can collaborate with on their projects and their ideas,” she said. “That comes from the feeling that you can kind of walk into any group that’s there or go up to any person at the event and say “hello” and they will be kind and accepting and interested in what you have to say. That’s kind of a promise that you make to yourself when you go to this event… it makes for a really beautiful vibe and mentality at the festival.” - Tagg Magazine Tickets: http://www.mothershipfest.com/
  • Sounds cool! Are kids allowed? Is there programming for kids? How does this festival support/include trans folks? Thanks.
  • Last few days of pre-sale tickets, buy now & save $ 🌞 http://www.mothershipfest.com/
  • “I don’t know if this comfort in one’s own skin is special in the greater scheme of things, or just a special first experience for me, but not only by removing the male gaze and not having our bodies hypersexualized, I felt comfortable in a way I never have. Just the women letting it all hang out. It’s the first time I’ve sat (in the dirt) and not even thought about sucking my stomach in. I saw such a diversity in body types and a celebration of the beauty of our differences that I’ve never known before firsthand.” - WEIRD SISTER :)