09. September 2017 - 12:00
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New York City Pizza Festival | Saturday, 09. September 2017

Who doesn't love Pizza? Pizza is something you can eat any time of the day, any day of the week and any week of the year.

When it's pizza time it's pizza time and you can eat pizza at any occasion.

We will offer more than 200 different kinds of pizzas. From thick to thin from small to big from pizza to calzones from healthy ones to nice and cheesy unhealthy ones.

For veggies or gluten free people and also for all you pizza diehards!

✓ Live music
✓ Entertainment
✓ Activities
✓ Pizza workshops (make your own)
✓ Winebar
✓ Beerbar
✓ Cocktails
✓ O yes and of course Pizza loads of pizza

Location: TBA
Price: TBA
  • I see no address, no time. So I'll just opt out
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  • Phil Thomas
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  • Oh this showed up again. . . I remember last year they posted this and there was no event.
  • Rachel Engel
  • Can any pizzeria join
  • Where is it?
  • Is this actually a thing?
  • Kimberley Nolan-Junas
  • April Ferraro
  • Dominic Russo we have to go. You know we are Pizza Lovers 🍕 lol
  • Desi Fuentes​​ mija bueno lol
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  • Kimmie Sutkowski 👋🏽
  • So this is an annual hoax now?
  • Amanda Tiffany
  • Paula Guerrero we out ?
  • If this is being posted by the same knucklehead as last year's event, don't get your hopes up... this smells like a Lucy/Charlie Brown football episode.
  • Pete Barresi Kim Sayid
  • Is this an ***** only venue?
  • Where is this event taking place?