04. February 2018 - 8:00
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NFL Boycott - 2018 Super Bowl | United States | Sunday, 04. February 2018

We will be not be watching or listening to NFL games during the Super Bowl in solidarity with veterans around the country, as football players have continued to disrespect the national anthem, the American flag, and everything our nation stands for.
  • I think we will take the Grands Mini Golfing instead.
  • As a US Army PROUD Veteran I support ALL rights to PEACEFUL protest and expression! I CHOOSE to #StandForTheFlag BECAUSE I SERVED and have seen the world for the good and the bad...I am a #WarriorForMyCOUNTRY until my watch is ended....ever vigilant for Freedom.
  • Standing for my country, flag and Veterans! Showing my support by boycotting NFL..STAND with ME !!
  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Defends Decision To Ban AMVETS / #PleaseStand🇺🇸 Super Bowl Ad, Claims League Has Done Enough To Honor Military "We are forever indebted to those who have given their lives that we might be free." - Ronald Reagan
  • Fox will start broadcasting on Thursday nights now for the next 4-6 seasons.. Getting paid around $650 million per season.. Sad to say that the only thing the NFL represents is how much $ they can make and giving it to these young players and not knowing how to handle themselves with it.. Instead of focusing on the principles that that got them there in first place.. 1)God 2)Family 3)Country
  • I've got more important things to do than show support of these overpaid leeches!
  • Not watching, not supporting sponsers or NFL
  • NFL who.?.?.
  • Standing for the flag or not, Per usual I have better things to do than fatten myself with a bunch of **** and watch a bunch overpaid people fight over a tiny ball...and then paid insane amounts of money when they win...but I digress.
  • N=NO F=FANS L=LEFT But on the flip side: 15 MOH recipients will be participating in the coin toss pre game. God bless America!
  • 🖕🖕🖕 the nfl
  • 🖕🖕🖕 the nfl
  • If I have to endure it being on around me I will be taking notice of who advertises.
  • I’ve boycotted the whole season! I will not be watching the Super Bowl! Sick of their disrespect for our country!
  • I won't be watching for the first time since the first one. I'm done with the NFL. didn't watch any games this year.
  • I've watched every super bowl since 1977, but not this year. I haven't seen a game this year and won't be watching any next year either unless the NFL and players respect the Flag and those who have sacrificed for this country.
  • I’m all in for Boycotting ... No NFL IN MY HOME.!!! I’ve got an American flag on the front porch, snacks in side, and the TV ON ANYTHING BUT NFL FOOTBALL.. Lastly they need to FIRE GOODELL..,. GOD BLESS AMERICA.!!!
  • Lots of food, but absolutely no football in my house this Sunday. We Stand!!!!
  • Haven’t forgot
  • I want be watching the national felons League NFL. boycott!!!
  • I want be watching the national felons League NFL. boycott!!!
  • Haven't watched a single game this year not going to watch Sunday either.