09. February 2018 - 18:00
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The One Motorcycle Show 2018 | Friday, 09. February 2018

9 years ago, we hosted the very first One Motorcycle Show in an old abandoned warehouse near downtown Portland. The show was crafted to celebrate the weird, rare, and unconventional motorcycles that we love in a way that everyone can enjoy. We want to give back to motorcycling. We want to be inclusive and inspire people to participate. Bring people together at a time of year that is typically slow in the Pacific Northwest.

This year is an exceptional year. For starters, the location is a 100+ year old foundry located in the north industrial side of Portland. Formerly called Vanport. We have invited 100 top custom motorcycle builders from all over North America. We have confirmed over 40 different motorcyle inspired artists from all over the world. We have joined forces with 45 different curated vendors. We are offering up some of Portlands finest craftbeer, coffee, wine, and food. We have 6 great bands playing live music over the course of the weekend. Mini-moto races you ask? well its highly possible! Come see over 60,000 sqft of Motorcycle magic, experiance the only show of its kind in the world. THE ONE MOTORCYCLE SHOW.

WAIT.... there's MORE!

The One Pro Flat Track Races are held Saturday night (2/10) at the Salem Fairgrounds, the "country's fastest indoor raceway!" Come watch top pros duke it out for a $10,000 prize purse. This will be the 3rd year we have hosted the race. Last year we kicked off the national circuit for Super Hooligan racing. It's one of the only off-season races endorsed by American Flat Track. Don't miss the opportunity to see this race! 6pm-9:30pm! For more details and how to race: www.the1moto.com/race
  • Little confused with the times, What time does it open on Saturday?
  • Let us in Jackoffs!
  • No problem getting tickets at the door? It's a bit of a ride from Seattle ; p
  • Is there re-entry for the Friday evening event?
  • I have a weekend pass and want to bring my 7 year old son during the day on Saturday. Does he need a ticket too?
  • Can you buy tickets when you arrive to the show? Not sure how Many we have in attendance! Thanks in advance
  • Travis Grog
  • Is there a schedule posted anywhere? (bands, etc.)?
  • Anyone have Day pass tickets for sale? Don’t know if I can get there right at opening to hope for day of sale...
  • Lara...reminder.
  • Hey Joyce Dietrich thanks for the reminder.
  • What Time in the morning can we get in on Saturday
  • Sorry, I’ll be in Germany.
  • do you guys have agenda for each day ?
  • Super bummed I did not get a jump on this and again shall miss it. Next year, I best be on it!
  • please, looking to buy 2 week end passes...anybody can help 2 nice canadians motorcyclists?
  • flying from quebec Canada. how can I buy tickets ?
  • Tickets? Just found out I don't have to work. Can I get tickets at the door?
  • What’s the weather looking like? And can I buy tickets at the site , if so how much ?
  • Look forward to this every year!! Hope to see you there!! 😎
  • Hey there! Past years there's been racing on Sunday, so a little confused. The FAQ page says "Salem Indoor Speedway Club Flat track Racing Saturday night. One Pro Flat track Racing Sunday morning!" So is there flat track racing both days? If there are races on Sunday, are tickets required like the one for Sat, or is Sunday free? Also, has the after party location been announced/determined?
  • Tanner Travis Vincent Andy Thomas Tim Christopher Chris
  • I always bring my children and have really enjoyed being able to share this passion with them, without breaking the bank. Is there a cost difference for children or an age limit variance for this years show?
  • The One Motorcycle Show....OH boy! we cant wait.