01. April 2017 - 10:00
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Pacific NW Reptile & Exotic Animal Show | Saturday, 01. April 2017

Fourth annual Pacific Northwest Reptile & Exotic Animal Show. There is plenty to do for the whole family as well as the reptile/amphibian specialist, make sure to share the event with all your friends and family on Facebook (or even invite friends from your friend list!). Don't miss out on the largest two-day event of its kind in the Pacific Northwest!

April 1st & 2nd, 2017


  • Cheyana Freeman
  • Any island boas?
  • Any breeders of tarantulas that will have any Grammastola rosea or porteri slings? I don't want wild caught.
  • Are you selling any of the animals
  • Will you be selling a tortoise with this personality?? 😍 😍 😉 💙🐢🐍🦎💜 https://www.facebook.com/viralthread/videos/712939702212049/
  • Is it allowed to bring bearded dragons along for the ride? Or no? Just wondering if anyone has ever brought their reptiles from home (:
  • how much is admission?
  • Any vendors in attendance have Six Eyed Sand Spiders?
  • A must see.
  • Is there anyonne heading that way going through Eugene? My boyfriend and I will need a ride! Thanks
  • So Excited!
  • Looking forward to it!
  • Megan Leake
  • I really want to go but I can't drive or no way there 😔😭
  • Geckos At Twilight will be there with Geckos and more!!!
  • How much is admission? Is there a military discount?
  • If you haven't taken the time to do so yet, make sure and invite anyone on your friends list to this event. Click on "share" and then "invite friends." Make sure that anyone you know who would love attending this event is aware of it!
  • Tim Bauer 😍
  • Do you come to Southern Oregon?
  • Tonja Steelman we should take lil d to this.
  • How much does this event cost
  • Cannot go. I already have plans for that day.
  • Here are some photos from I believe the 2015 PACNWRS?
  • Some photos I ran a crossed from a past show.