07. April 2018 - 18:00 till 21:00
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Plack Blague 04/07 Rozz Tox w/ daggers//cloaks & White batzzz | Saturday, 07. April 2018

Plack Blague - Hot hot hot goodness from Nebraska covered in leather.

daggers//cloaks - NOISE NOISE NOISE BY YR ***

White batzzz - Grimey R&B

Rozz Tox
$5-$10 sliding scale
Break out your moms old leather pants and come down for a good and **** time!
  • Rifftana Burge you realize I live on Long Island, right?
  • Oh man I wish I could go to this, but I'm having surgery two days prior and will be oozing blood and gore out of my nose, hopped up on Vicodin. Congrats on your first booking though!
  • Do you even Blague?
  • ETERNAL....BLAGUE^^^^^^^^^^
  • oh ****