01. January 2019 - 2:55
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PLEASE JOIN MY PLEDGE TO BUY STUFF MADE ANYWHERE BUT CHINA, but if possible made in the USA | United States | Tuesday, 01. January 2019

The job, the family, the country, the freedom, the people, the environment, and the world you save by not buying Chinese products, may be your own.

Follow this link for reasons why we must AVOID made in China as much as possible.

I am avoiding Made in China where possible this holiday shopping season, but inspired by the book "One Year Without Made in China", I am making a vow to NOT buy a **** thing made in China for at least one year starting January 1, 2014.

Also, I beg you to watch, listen to, and / or read "Death by China". It is quite frankly the most important book written to support all your favorite causes by telling us how we can save that one that makes them all possible, America. And why if we don't save it, nothing you care about will be left.

If you have any questions please ask me and I strongly request that you invite others to this event on Facebook. It is a public event and I want all that can be a part of it.

Thank you.
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  • I realized just how hard this is when you try to "not" buy items made in China! My Christmas shopping was so hard! Not only did I look for "made in America" but as I left stores where everything was made in China, I told them that I would try their store next year for items "made in America". It's important to let the owners know why you leave with your money.
  • Chili, I would love your support with my skin care and cosmetic business if you and your friends are still looking for American-made gifts and ways to revitalize your skin.
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Well, I made it through my year of buying no made in China and mostly American-made products, and I even avoided Walmart and McDonald's altogether as a bonus. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't as hard as I thought, or you might think. I will admit I was craving McDonald's for the new year so I had some of my favorites there yesterday. But that was a one time treat. Probably will be another year before I go there again. I have also decided to continue my pledge as much as possible in perpetuity, though on occasion made in China is unavoidable, and I accept that. But, if we all just do our part we can make a huge impact on preserving American manufacturing and quality jobs, by buying just a small percentage more American-made. I hope this has helped inspire you all to do what you can. Thanks for the support.
  • Christmas is upon us and I have maintained my pledge and will for the entirety of 2014 and beyond. Additionally, I have completely avoided shopping at Walmart, which I have avoided for years. And I also didn't go to McDonald's all year, seeing as both source from China. I'm not gonna say it's been easy, but with minimal effort and a few more dollars than you might otherwise wish to spend, buying American to help our economy, our labor force, and our health, is not only possible, but also essential to our well being as individuals and as a nation.
  • Just an update. Still on track. I have NOT bought anything newly made in China and have bought mostly American-Made stuff all year.
  • So far so good this year. I have bought no newly purchased Chinese made products and mostly American made.
  • Trying to, but not entirely possible, and it's more important to keep some exchange of goods and ideas going...
  • I'm French and I want to buy in Europe and in America ! No in China !
  • Guests of this invite, please access my CAUSES.com page for this as well. https://www.causes.com/campaigns/70217-minimize-worldwide-consumption-of-new-chinese-made-goods
  • Do you like earning a "living wage"? Do you like your freedom? Do you like a cleaner environment? Do you like living in a country free from tyranny, oppression, abuse, and genocide? Do you like the idea of truly equal free trade amongst nations? Do you like products that don't poison, make, or **** you, your family, and your pets. Do you like to know that the products you bought went to support a living wage manufacturing job and not abusive underpaid or forced labor. NOW, do you NOT want to ultimatley end up taken over economically, militarily, and governmentally by the so-called People's Republic of China and lose virtually all liberties and rights you have now. If you answered yes to all these, then please do the following. 1) DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. For a quick overview and education on the matter follow this link, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/peter-navarro-and-greg-autry/dont-buy-made-in-china_b_4349947.html Then, for a little more detail, watch the documentary film on DVD or Netflix streaming entitled, "Death By China". Then for further detail, listen to the audio book or read hard copy book. And you can continue your education with books like, "A Year Without 'Made in China' and search out other resources. 2) READ ALL LABELS AND PACKAGES and do your best to not buy any newly manufactured and sold, Chinese-made products. Search online for American-Made where possible, but at least buy from any other country but China. Additionally consider buying used products for yourself and as gifts, which would mean no new money is going to China and that is almost as good. 3) CONTACT EVERY STORE AND WEBSITE YOU SHOP AT, and tell them you want less Chinese-made products and more American-made products or you will take your business elsewhere. Idle threat or not, it will get their attention. 4) CONTACT EVERY MANUFACTURER OF PRODUCTS YOU BUY that currently make their products in China and ask them to change or you will switch to another brand. 5) CONTACT ALL YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS all the way up to the big cheese and let them know you want definitive action taken to minimize our trade deficit with China, and create new U.S. manufacturing jobs and for those running for reelection, tell them if they don't do all they can, they won't have your vote in the next election. 6) PASS ON THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW ONLINE AND OFFLINE and include what knowledge and experience you have gained. If you do at least half of these things, I promise you will make a huge difference and help bring about the change that will save America and the world from terrible fate it is destined for. But if you don't even give it some effort and you just buy what is cheapest, you will be facing a terrible future, with China at the helm and everything your cherished diminished severely, or gone for good. Please take this seriously and take action. Thank you for your time. Shawn Ian "Chili" Kerkhoff
  • A Quick reference to 6 reasons not to buy made in China products. As a rule though, FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY please follow this VERBATIM: If you put it in, or rub it on, your body, or you hand it to a child, DON'T let it be made in China. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/4349947
  • I took a baby step several months ago when I stopped buying any dog treats from China.
  • Today, I played a bass guitar made in Indonesia, but didn't buy it. My basses that I play the most are American made.