19. May 2019 - 9:00
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RECon Vegas with ICSC and UCF Real Estate Club | | Sunday, 19. May 2019

We are looking for active club members to attend the RECon Convention with ICSC in Vegas during May 19-22!
We'll be selecting active members who participate in fundraisers/additional events throughout the semester. Members will be asked to pay a small deposit to discourage cancellations (official trip costs will be announced within the next month). 
This trip is a great opportunity for any members who are interested in networking with real estate professionals from across the nation, witnessing the deal-making process, and taking an inexpensive trip to Vegas! More details will be announced as they are finalized.
Sign up on Eventbrite or on our sign up sheet at the next general meeting to be considered!
*Please note that signing up for this event does not guaruntee your spot at the convention. We will be selecting the most active members later this semester from the group that expresses interest. All deposits and dues will be refunded if you are not selected to attend*