24. October 2019 - 18:00 till 21:00
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Scott Presler Training Registrars at Texas Tech University in Lubbock | 15th & Akron Avenue Lubbock Texas 79409 | Thursday, 24. October 2019

Scott Presler #ThePersistence is here to Train Registrars in Lubbock County Thursday October 24th 2019.
Who is this guy Scott Presler? https://scottpresler.org/about-scott/
This is a fantastic event to learn and participate in grassroots activism. Government by the people starts right here and Scott Presler is here from Virginia to demostrate the power of autonomy. How one person who wants to do the right thing can motivate a whole country to join in just by setting the example. When you know its the right thing to do - then just do it! Training Registrars to register people to vote puts a lot of power in your hands. Lets do it with consideration and politness. 
Texas Tech University Republicans with @rosedixontx will provide food and a Lubbock County Deputy will be there to certify new registrars. 
Be there and learn about things that probably weren't even on your radar; if it were on your radar; why are you not already a registrar?