Stress Management for Dental and Medical Professionals- CPD certified. | Tortworth Court, Glos. GL12 8HH on 27/09/19 or Holiday Inn Cardiff CF10 1XD on 25/10/19 | Friday, 27. September 2019

Research shows working within the healthcare sector is becoming particularly challenging, with a rapid increase in stress levels amongst medical professionals. This is seen to be due to increased patient pressures and demands, together with personal, financial and professional issues. This structured one-day ‘Stress Management’ event has been designed to focus on addressing many of the challenges faced. It gives the opportunity to identify the causes and effects produced through stress, moving onto the techniques that can be put in place to assist in reducing stress, better create coping skills and, ultimately a greater work-life balance whilst working within the dental/medical professions.
Identifying Stress - and how our body responds.

A Stress Coping Model - the process of stress follows and the methods that we can use to interrupt this process and assist us to cope.

Daily Challenges -  Identifying that it is often the daily challenges that result in stress. Highlighting topical daily hassles and reviewing several methods of overcoming or avoiding them.

Life Events - Exploring major life events, the transitional aspect of how they can be positive and how our perception of the situation can alter the experience

Positive Self Talk - Understanding self-talk and moving away from the negative self-talk-cycle

Prioritising to Reduce Stress - Identifying and then balancing conflicting demands and learning to appreciate what is important.

Stability Zones - Establishing what our own stability zones are and how we can best use them to help us reduce stress.
Supporting Networks - Looking at the people who currently provide support and methods of positively nurturing these relationships

** Please note this special event is only open to those in the dental or medical profession.
Two dates available -
27th September 2019

Time: 9.30 – 10,00 am registration – 4.30 pm finish
Venue: De Vere Tortworth Court, Tortworth, Wotton Under Edge GL12 8HH
Investment: £120 (includes all materials, refreshments, and lunch)
* Delegate B&B £89 available.

25th October 2019

Time: 9.30 – 10,00 am registration – 4.30 pm finish
Venue: Holiday Inn, Castle Street, Cardiff CF10 1XD
Investment: £120 (includes all materials, refreshments, and lunch)