16. July 2019 - 12:00
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THE SUNDAY MEDITATION | | Tuesday, 16. July 2019

                                   Start Your Week in A Beautiful State
                                                               Every Sunday at 5pm in Oakton, Va.
                                                               Address provided when you register 
                                                 Free and open to everyone regardless of race, religion
                         and spiritual path who wants to be part of raising the collective consciousness.
The Sunday Meditation in Oakton is intended to provide an opportunity for everyone to move into a beautiful state of being. 

A beautiful state of being is one where we are present and connected to ourselves, which then allows us to be connected to others…our families and friends, our work colleagues, everyone whose path we cross …and to nature and humanity.

It is the experience of the space between our thoughts when they slow down.

It is finding gratitude in our hearts  in the **** of challenges.

It is being connected to our inner power when we know and are being who we are.

A beautiful state takes us to the field of infinite possibilities where we can create the external reality we want.

A beautiful state puts us in the flow of synchronicities where things we want come to us without effort.

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