04. December 2017 - 18:30 till 21:30
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Talking Rock XC - Sharing the Holidays | Monday, 04. December 2017

Please share the holidays at the Talking Rock XC meeting. This is a TEMPORARY LOCATION change! Super easy to get to and you will have a great time connecting with like minded and empowering ladies!

  • And just like that, the Talking Rock Xperience Connections December 4th meeting is sold out! Thank you ladies for showing your enthusiasm for networking with us. We are honored to have each of you join us!!!!
  • Joining us on Monday, December 4th is Michele Brown Rocher. Looking very forward to seeing her once again!!!
  • Really looking forward to having Joy Joy Bounds Povenz join us again. This means that there is ONE SEAT LEFT. If you wish to attend and have NOT paid or made arrangements with me, please do so. Prior to paying call or text me at 770.314.9194 to confirm seat availability please.
  • Giving a warm welcome to Lori Lyons and Sarah Hartman Shapiro who will also be joining us 12/4..... Ladies, this leaves just TWO OPEN SEATS. WOW!!!!!
  • Yes, all I can say is WOW and perhaps THANK YOU to all that have secured their 12/4 Talking Rock XC meeting seat. We are literally at 21 of 25 seats filled. There are quite a few of you whom have marked "going" or "interested". My suggestion is this: CALL OR TEXT me @ 770.314.9194 to make sure your seat is available BEFORE securing with online payment. We have had SIX sisters register today alone. Once we are full, we will put you on a cancellation list. Things come up and people have to cancel, so you just may want to "stand by"....
  • Two more ladies have signed up today for our December 4th meeting - Sarah Vanden Berg Lopez and Teresa Lovin Clayton! Going to be a packed meeting!
  • Looking forward to having both Alicia Ellenburg and Scarlett Campbell join us on Monday, December 4th.
  • Ladies I'm so excited to welcome "newbie" Missi Cloud Mabry to our December 4th meeting. Missi, don't forget to check out the Xperience Connections Open FB page, introduce yourself and your business and market like crazy with us Monday is Marketplace Monday. You can post in the timeline any specials or just about your business. Wednesday's you will see a post in Atlanta Business Spotlight that says Website Wednesday - post WITHIN that post with your website link. Then on Friday, also in Atlanta Business Spotlight, there will be a Facebook Friday post which you add your FB link to. You can also post daily on the Atlanta Business Spotlight FB page. As if that weren't enough, please make sure you go to the main webpage www.xperienceconnections.com and click on connect. There will be a blue link for you to set up your profile within the website. And you procrastinated coming to us ;) WELCOME!
  • Actually, the Talking Rock XC DECEMBER 4th meeting is OVER half way to the FULL point. Please do not wait to call me, Marla to make sure your seat is available and then hurry to www.xperienceconnections.com/talking-rock and complete your registration!
  • Let's hear it for Terri Chastain Walters, as she is also joining us on 12/4 for the Talking Rock XC meeting!
  • While we are filling up for the December 4 Talking Rock meeting, we love everyone we have coming and would like to add ladies that have never been as well. We are looking for ladies from all types of industries including medical, direct sales, non-profit and so many more. If you are registered, why not refer and bring a friend. You already LOVE it, why not SHARE it as your holiday gift to a friend!
  • Also getting their early registration in for the Talking Rock XC meeting on Monday, December 4th are Sharon Wofford Haynes and Susan Greenwell Spehar (btw - we will have Susan 1, 2 and 3 again lol)
  • And another registration came in - we are happy to have Brodie Geddes (Cindy) with us for the 12/4!
  • We are filling right on up as Christine Powers, Susan Weaver Guthrie and Jeanne E. Wells are all on the roster to attend 12/4...Should be a "Merry" time....
  • And also officially joining us is Stephanie Ray.....she bent the rules a bit, but hey, I do it all the time.....lolol
  • Please allow me to share that we have our first OFFICIAL attendees for the December meeting - ****** Huber Rolwood, Susan Teems Johnston and Amberle Johnson Godfrey. Please remember - marking you are GOING on the event does NOT secure your seat. To confirm availability, call, text or ask Marla on here IF your seat is available. If it is, please go to www.xperienceconnections.com/talking-rock right away to CONFIRM it. Seats, as you know, are first confirmed, first attend.
  • Remember this is a one month LOCATION CHANGE - address has been changed temporarily on the website. HUGE DISCLAIMER here - you may be on sensory overload with the Christmas decorations here! Don't say I didn't warn you!