01. October 2019 - 12:00
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Throw Your Bae in the Bay | Tuesday, 01. October 2019

What better way to show your love for Bae other than throwing them into the Bay! Join us as we throw our Bae’s into the Bay!

BYOB = Bring Your Own Bae
  • Jeremy Edwards
  • Michael Dahlroth
  • Elizabeth Arguellez hope you learn to swim by then :)
  • Molly Culton 2, I'm not going to this
  • Andy save the date
  • Ezra Goheen
  • Steven Romo, so I'm the one doing the throwing right?
  • Lolol Vanessa Marie Hollis Ramirez wanna take a dip? 😜
  • Elisa Martinez book ur flight to SF now
  • Ali Perez 😘 🤣
  • David Powell u ready?
  • Why is it 2 years away 😭😭
  • Cathy Han
  • Janet Madrigal We gotta find baes to throw in the bay!
  • Throw her and leave her there lol
  • Steve Huynh i have about a year to get stronger so i can lift you! 😁 goal for the year!
  • We’ve got a year to prepare
  • I am a little weak and can not lift my “bae” up. So there is no way I can throw him. Is there any way I can hire someone to help me out? Or is that against the rules of the event? I’m willing to pay the big bucks for this.
  • Pebbles Ontheclouds
  • ****. I already threw my ex there can I do it again?
  • Heli Nguyen
  • Kassie Encinas
  • Cece get ready!
  • Nick Somers imma throw u into the fukin ocean bruh