01. October 2019 - 12:00
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Throw Your Bae in the Bay | Tuesday, 01. October 2019

What better way to show your love for Bae other than throwing them into the Bay! Join us as we throw our Bae’s into the Bay!

BYOB = Bring Your Own Bae
  • **** yo
  • Gisela Vaquez Altamirano don't make any plans ❤️😂
  • Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️
  • Sorjo Banerjee Step 1: Find girlfriends Step 2: Do this event
  • Chetan :DDD
  • Will any baes be provided?
  • Sean Balayan
  • Theresa Geib
  • Isn’t littering illegal?
  • Flor Juarez
  • Matthew, Tiffany, Jeremy, Cicely, Joseph. Throwing all of you in the bay.
  • Kush Patel
  • Noah Tate ima get u 😂
  • Alexandra Gonzales we out.
  • Pauline Nguyen. This is not a new idea. Scott Peterson started the trend back in 2002.. =)
  • Emily Lozinak
  • It’s so far away!!!
  • Hursuong Vongsachang this is great
  • Juwon Cho Alene Rose we got 10 months buds
  • Jennifer Michelle Alcántara hey giiirlll I know you’ve been lifting, so throwing Josh in the bay shouldn’t be too hard? Lol
  • '2019?? 🤔 We Need to Bump Those Numbers!* '2018 is Just Around the Corner!* 😂😍😝
  • Andy Chen I hope you're a good swimmer🏊‍♀️
  • What if you don't have a bae.
  • Abhi Jairam hehehehe
  • Can't wait to go to this, my bae is always saying how much he misses jumping in the ocean!