21. May 2016 - 23:20
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VIDEO: Women in Voiceover The Challenges and Successes with Melissa Disney | Saturday, 21. May 2016

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"Women in Voiceover: The Challenges and Successes" with Melissa Disney
In this episode, Joe welcomes Melissa Disney, the multi-talented Actress, VO Artist and Singer/Songwriter, who will join us for an in-depth discussion on the particular challenges women **** in the world of voiceover and how to succeed in this ever-changing arena. We'll address factors unique to women in voiceover, such as:1. Identifying the Challenges unique to Women in Voiceover2. Melting the Glass Ceiling in Animation, Promos, Trailers and Live Announce3. Pro-active vs Pushy (Feminine Professionalism)4. The Big Picture: What is a Successful Life? (Family, Work, Self)5. Goals, Expectations and Reality: The Working Woman in Voiceover6. Toolkit for the Woman in Voiceover: What you need to succeed
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