10. March 2018 - 13:00 till 15:00
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Yin Yang & Sound Bath Workshop with Bonn Monzon and Floydd Wood, | Hom Yoga | Saturday, 10. March 2018

Orchard Central
Saturday, March 10, 2018
1pm - 3pm

Join Floydd and Bonn for a unique 2hr workshop that combines an exploration of Sound Therapy with a Yin Yang asana practice.

Himalayan Singing bowls help quiet the mind, relax the body, soothe the nervous system and entrain energies to higher vibrational frequencies. The multiple sounds and rich overtones produced by the bowls resonate with the different parts of our body, offering outstanding results that can realign the mind, body and spirit.

During the workshop, participants will be invited to enjoy hands-on experience with the singing bowls of different sizes, tones and types lead, by Bonn.

Floydd will move participants through a dynamic vinyasa practice, transitioning into a grounding yin yoga session.

We’ll end with an extended, deeply relaxing Sound Bath Savasana, led by Bonn playing his Himalayan Singing Bowls.

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Born in the Philippines, Bonn discovered yoga and an array of spiritual and healing arts upon moving to Singapore. Working in the education industry for 9 years, he harnessed his natural affinity for these gentle arts, teaching children’s yoga and meditation at a professional level.

Bonn also owns Shift.Mnl - a holistic healing practice that includes crystal therapy and Reiki, alongside Sound Therapy. His use of Sound Therapy through Himalayan Singing Bowls is inspired by his own personal self-care routine, helping him move deeper into meditation, while aiding physical healing and mental and emotional wellbeing.


South African-born Floydd was introduced to yoga in 2004 while living in Shanghai: it was a natural fit for mind and body. Curious by nature, he continued to experiment with various movement practices, including Bikram, Iyengar, Ashtanga, partner yoga, ballet, pole and contemporary dance — and even circus arts!

From 2006, as he established his professional life in Singapore's fast-paced world of brand strategy, yoga became the cornerstone of his approach to health and wellness.

His affection for the spiritual, emotional and physical benefits of yoga saw him complete his 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training in 2015, alongside training in Yin Yoga (Traditional Chinese Medicine and Myofascial Release), and Children's Yoga. He is also a certified Kundalini Reiki Master, and Sound Therapy practitioner, often incorporating these influences into yoga practices.

Floydd teaches Yang yoga the way he practises: strong, enjoyable dance-inspired sequences that open and energise mind, body and spirit. He has a special affection for Yin Yoga - for its tranquil process and effective results.

He hopes to both educate and inspire students to improve their personal yoga experience - while both respecting and celebrating their bodies.