26. July 2018 - 23:00
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CampFire Retreat 2018 | Harmony Park Music Garden | Thursday, 26. July 2018

Join us for an intimate four day gathering of performers and artists with brilliant minds and invaluable insights. With workshops on dozens of styles of manipulation and dance, there is sure to be something for you here. Whether you want to fly high on the aerial silks, or feel the heat from breathing fire, you have a place at CampFire.

CampFire is a focal point for the performing arts community to gather and transmit the experience of collective and individual transformation through active participation in expressive forms of communication with the ultimate goal of promoting conscious living and a culture of sustainability.

CampFire’s goal is to bring the community together to expand our understanding of movement-based knowledge through education offered in workshops and through peer sharing. Refine your technique and experience others passionate about their art and get inspired.

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Featured video created by Sky Wild Photography at CampFire 2017.