29. June 2019 - 15:00 till 18:00
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Summer Art Garden 2019 | La Cosecha Galeria | Saturday, 29. June 2019

LA COSECHA GALERIA & POPCE are proud to present a free event, “Summer Art Garden 2019”, which will take place on Saturday, June 29, 2019 at 3:00PM, located at 5404 Storer Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44102. Featuring the original artwork, activities and entertainment.
Along with the art building La Cosecha Galeria opening scheduled to begin at 6:00PM that evening, we are extending an invitation to those interested in having an artist/vendor space next door at the community garden to display or exhibit free of charge. Simply submit your application by the deadline, all set up materials must be provided by the vendor.
Applications:• Artist Agreement: Link
• Vendor Agreement: Link
Notes:• Vendors wishing to participate must submit an application. Space is limited and given on a first-come, first-serve basis.
• Deadline for artist submission is June 1, 2019 for marketing purposes.
• Vendors accepted must provide all set up and display materials.
• Vendors will receive 100% of sales and are responsible for all transactions.
• Vendors wishing to sell food products must submit a fee for permits prior to acceptance. There is no further charge to participate.
POPCE is a faith-based community service organization that proactively assists community members in organizing and working together on efforts to improve the quality of life for all as they see fit. The Community Garden is used for gardening and community events. Movie nights will be announced when they are organized.
La Cosecha Galeria - Literally translated means, “The Harvest Gallery”, but metaphorically it has a much deeper meaning. To make use of what is available, in the area, the fruit at hand. Instead of looking elsewhere for sustenance, to grow and feed off our own talent. In 2002 the first Latino owned and managed art gallery in the greater Cleveland metropolitan area was born, La Cosecha Galeria (The Harvest Gallery). But it stood for much more; it was an understanding, a union, an opportunity to display an identity. The ability to open the doors to other artists as an outlet to what is possible. Well received by the community, who until then were starved for a place to showcase their culture and artistic abilities. It always held a warm place in their heart and a revered memory for those that worked with them.
We continue our tradition of encouraging artists to express themselves in ways unthought-of previously. Dedicated to the propagation of all art forms, supporting local, international, emerging or established artists and community arts programs. Now planning an ongoing schedule of exhibits, competitions and produce editions of wide format of events that focus on the benefit of the artists, local businesses, sponsors, and the social community.
Location:POPCE Community Garden5404 Storer AvenueCleveland, Ohio 44102
For More Info: (216) 385-9545 • lacosechagaleria@aol.com