03. February 2020 - 9:00 till 16:00
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Assessment, Evaluation, Remediation in Supervision | Mid Ohio Psychological Services, Inc. | Monday, 03. February 2020

Instructor: Claire Robitaille, Ph.D., Psychologist
CE/CEUs: 6 
Course Description:
This training provides a foundational understanding of clinical supervision for mental health practitioners including initial, formative, and summative assessment of supervisee knowledge, skills, and self-awareness. Incorporating components of evaluation procedures, methods for monitoring supervisee performance, formal and informal feedback mechanisms, and procedures for remediation, this training aims to help those seeking supervisory designation or wanting to maintain supervisory designation with skills to effectively supervise other mental health clinicians.

This training will address methods for the assessment, evaluation, and remediation of clinical competencies within the supervisory process.


Define initial formative and summative assessment and skills associated with each.
Identify appropriate methods of supervisory procedures and methods of monitoring performance.
Explain the use of supervsion logs and their role in assessment, evaluation, & remediation.
Given supervisory dilemmas, create plans for remediation.


Introduction to supervision
Basic methods of assessment, evaluation, & remediation
Specific techniques for obtaining data & providing feedback
Use of documentation

Participants: Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists who are seeking supervisory endoresement or want to maintain their supervisory endorsement.
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Prerequisites: NA