18. October 2019 - 18:00 till 19:00
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Weekend Wind Down Yoga | Henllys Village Hall | Friday, 18. October 2019

Class Schedule: Friday at 6pm

Max Attendees: 15

Class Cost: £4

**If anybody who attended the first class on 4th October has specific requests for future classes, such as additional postures or a change to the pace in the first half of the session, please do get in touch and I will be happy to make adjustments based on feedback**

I'd like to introduce you to a new way to transition from weekday to weekend, letting go of the Monday to Friday routine and moving into your weekend refreshed and relaxed.

The first part of this class will guide you through a series of gentle, flowing postures to help develop strength, balance and flexibility. The intention is to keep this a positive space with an energized and uplifting vibe, so you're always welcome to take it slow if it's your first time. I will be guiding you through each posture with a focus on both your body and breath alignment, with variations for a beginner, intermediate and an advanced student, so no need to panic about your current abilities on the mat.

We'll then slow it right down for the second part of the class with a little yin yoga, allowing your body to release both physical and mental tension. Finishing with a deep relaxation/meditation, accompanied by Tibetan sound healing.

There are limited spaces so please book on via the link above, or contact me directly if you'd prefer to reserve your space and pay cash on arrival.

Friday sessions will run sporadically to the end of the year, as the hall has some prior bookings still to honour, but will become a weekly class in the new year, along with other classes based on demand.

~ Buddhists regard the water lily as a symbol of enlightenment because of the beautiful bloom that emerges from the mud ~