24. February 2018 - 15:00 till 21:00

The Lights Fest Tampa Area | Little Everglades Events | Saturday, 24. February 2018

The Lights Fest is an experience where thousands of friends and families gather to listen to live music, fill up on yummy food, and light up life by sharing personal wishes, dreams and goals. At the perfect moment everyone ignites their personalized sky lanterns with Tiki torches and lets them take flight. It creates a surreal ambiance, where time slows down and your single flame rises and joins with thousands of others to light up your life.

The lights fest is dedicated to leaving a positive impact on the environment and everyone who attends our event. This is an event that is for everyone but cultivates individual experiences. Whether you're commemorating or celebrating you're creating a special memory that will last a lifetime
  • Paige Nicole can I take Matthew?
  • Is Tampa or Lakeland??
  • Hey everyone! Our lowest priced tickets are opening tonight at 8 PM and they will sell out quickly! Be ready! ✨ https://thelightsfest.com/event/tampa-bay/
  • Jenifer Aquino Is this something you and the fam might like to do? It looks like a lot of fun.
  • Is this sold out? It says online tickets no longer for sale
  • Hi, I️ would like to know how you are planning to ‘leave a positive impact on the environment’ with this event?
  • Is this event pet friendly?
  • Went to the Asian lantern festival in st pete a few weeks back and was disappointed that they did not release any lanterns into the air per environmental and code laws...will you be releasing lanterns at this event?!
  • Free Lyft! Download the Lyft app and put code REQUESTRIDE in the payment section for $50 free ride credit and get there for free!
  • Hello can you send food vendor info? TIA!
  • ✨Local vendors and business-owners!✨ Are you looking to get your product and brand seen by thousands of people across the country? We can help you with that! We love creating unique opportunities for each of our clients to engage our participants. Whether you’re looking to get in front of thousands of people at our event, on social media, or via online publications, we want to hear from you. Please fill out the form on this link for more information! :) https://thelightsfest.com/sponsors-vendors/
  • Kirstie Miley Kim J. Miley
  • What bands are playing?
  • How are you leaving a positive impact on the environment by polluting it? Lanterns are not environmentally friendly. Instead you will be contributing to our ever growing pollution problem. You are doing it wrong.
  • Tickets fir adults are $40 bucks. Children are $15 bucks
  • Thinking of taking my family is there a group price for 14
  • I was super interested til i found out its $40 per *****. But i guess thats not to bad for live bands and plus the family gatherings itll bring.
  • Merritt Capurro is this what you wanted to go to?
  • Maria Mariño
  • Pam Baione this looks like fun !!!
  • Casey Zaharakes, I’m interested in your ticket prices! I need 2 for sure
  • I have extra tickets I purchased for the February 24th lights festival. Is anyone interested in buying them? Selling them cheaper than the price listed online currently.
  • I purchased tickets for this even but never got an email confirmation. What should I do? I do have a screen shot of my code and the names the tickets are under.
  • When and where is the one closest to Naples, FL, planned for?
  • Congrats Carmen Hall! You have won 5 free tickets to The Lights Fest! Thank you everyone for entering and purchasing tickets last night! We can't wait to see you all there!!