08. April 2024 - 7:00 till 19:00
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2024 Solar Eclipse - Dallas USA | Dallas, Texas | Monday, 08. April 2024

This is just a placeholder for upcoming 2024 Solar Eclipse in USA. This event invite is just for marking in your FB calendar so that you don't miss it. As a media company, we don't take any responsibility for this event as it is totally controlled by nature. No one can claim anything out of this. You are joining and/or sharing it with no conditions & relationship to Global Media.
If we all possible, & if we may grow big, We may plan & host a big party for the reasonable price at that time. But no commitment. People joining this invite may post some offers from us or from our partners time to time (Max of 3 per week). If you don't like, please un-join anytime. Thank you