01. August 2019 - 18:00 till 20:00
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Bada$$ Ladies Behind the Mic (a Podcast Panel) | Venture X Uptown Dallas | Thursday, 01. August 2019

Join us for a lively discussion with Bada$$ Lady podcasters. 
Whether you're a podcast ****** or a wannabe podcaster ready to share your voice on the airwaves, this panel is for you!
Our experienced podcasters, varying in subject matter and backgrounds will share how they got started and even  answer your questions about software, equipment and more!
Our Panelists: 
Christie Wallace and Heather McKinney for the Sinister Podcast. They'll bring you the creeps, crimes, and cults that keep us up at night, breaking down the cases and legal theories to understand why these things happen and what happens next. 
Amy Voss & Jasmine Brand from the First &10s Podcast: It’s the First & 10s Podcast, the unique weekly show delivering hot women, cold-blooded competition and the spiciest of opinions on football, life and, especially, each other. 
Jenny Anchondo from the Second Shot Podcast: Jenny and her husband, Heath Oakes tackle today’s headlines in way only an odd couple with a dash of perfect opposite can. They give their audience a “Second Shot” and pull a life lesson from the news of the day. The goal is inspiration, motivation and up-leveling your life.