26. October 2016 - 18:30
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Spokane York Rite | Boyer Mt. Masonic Lodge | Wednesday, 26. October 2016

Spokane York Rite
Washington State, U.S.A.

The Spokane York Rite consists of the following bodies:

Royal Arch Masons
Spokane Chapter No. 2
Royal and Select Masters
Spokane Council No. 4
Knights Templar
Cataract Commandery No. 3

Membership in York Rite:
Our organization is open to all Master Masons. 
We would love to hear from you.


Spokane York Rite Calendar for 2016

On-Going Events
The Spokane York Rite meets socially and informally every Tuesday at 1:00pm at Frankie Doodles Restaurant, 30 E. 3rd Avenue, Spokane, WA.  Guests are welcome.  If you are considering membership in the York Rite, please let us know you will be coming, and we will make proper arrangements.
Our routine is to have lunch off the menu at noon, then go through the agenda starting about 1:00pm.  It helps to bring your calendar.

Suggested Agenda for our Informal social meeting on Tuesdays may be suggested by completing the appropriate "ticket" at the top of this web page.
IfStated Meetings
With the exception of the Months of November and December, the Spokane York Rite Stated Meetings will be held at Boyer Mountain Masonic Center, in Deer Park, at 7:30pm on the 4th Thursday of every month. This will continue until such time as we are able to relocate to the new Spokane Masonic Center in Spokane.  

Opening body for each meeting:
January, April, July, October
February, May, August
March, June, September

Stated Meeting Listing  -- Meetings at 7:30pm
Date                                         Prime Opener                  Program          
March 23, 2017         Cataract  #3     Stated
April 20, 2017            Chapter  #2      Stated
May 25, 2017            Council  #4       Stated & OV
June 22, 2017           Cataract  #3      Stated
July 22, 2017            SPECIAL           Royal Arch Park
July 27, 2017            Council  #4        Stated 
August 24, 2017       Cataract  #3      Special meeting
September 28, 2017 Chapter  #2       Stated
October 26, 2017     Council  #4        Special
December 17, 2017  Cataract  #3      Xmas Obs.
Being on a single level, this Lodge building is entirely
wheel-chair accessible.
Free Parking is available in the Lodge Parking Lot
at 310 N. Main Avenue, Deer Park, WA

Special and Regional Events: (Links)
Triennial Assembly
 General Grand Chapter & General Grand Council
Knights Templar Triennial Conclave
Grand Encampment
August, 2018

Northwest Regional
October 19 - 21, 2017
Boise, ID 

Colorado River Fall Festival
October  22, 23, 24
Laughlin, Nevada
Start looking for discount travel deals in July, 2017.

Follow the links, above, to register now

 Officers Installed 2016-2017
Spokane Chapter No. 2
Curly Werner, High Priest
Gene Findley, King
Jon Lind, Scribe
Justin Haldeman, Captain of the Host
Michael Staley, Royal Arch Captain
Eric Behlke, Principle Sojourner
Adam Hergert, 1st Veilsman
Bill Driver, 2nd Veilsman
Jim Ballew, 3rd Veilsman
Chaplain, Mark Querio
John Munn, Sentinel
Chuck Wetmore, Musician
Spokane Council No. 4
Gene Findley, Illustrious Master
Jon Lind, Deputy Master
Curly Werner, Principle Conductor of the Work
Michael Staley, Captain of the Guard
Justin Haldeman, Conductor of the Council
John Munn, Steward
Bill Driver, Sentinel
Michael Holland, Recorder
Robert Brannon Jr., Treasurer
Chuck Wetmore, Musician
Cataract Commandery No. 3
Mark Querio, Commander
Curly Werner, Generalissimo
Gene Endslow, Captain General
Gene Findley, Senior Warden
Justin Haldeman, Junior Warden
Jon Line, Warder
Eric Behlke, Sword Bearer
Jim Endslow, Standard Bearer
Michael Staley, Prelate
Travis Miller, Sentinel
All Bodies:
Robert Brannon Jr., Treasurer
Michael Holland, Secretary/Recorder
Check Wetmore, Musician

 Please extend a warm welcome to our newest Sir Knights:
Justin Haldeman,  March, 2017
Adam Hergert,   March, 2017
Michael Staley,  March, 2017
Dennis Thompson,  March, 2017
 Upcoming Degree Work
MM Degree = April 4, 2017
PM Degree = April 4, 2017
MEM Degree = TBA
Royal Arch Degree = TBA
Council Degrees = TBA
The Commandery Orders = TBA
 Boyer Mountain Masonic Lodge

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In Memorium

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)
Q1:  What happened to all the photos on the web site?
A:  Some Companions and guests do not have high-speed internet connections.  The page loads much faster without graphics, so we keep them to a minimum.  Not true with all the links.
Q2:  How can I see what links are included on this site?
A:  Simply "park" your mouse over any underlined word.  It will tell you where you are headed if you decide to click on it.
Q3:  How much does a website like this cost?
A:  The price is right -- it is free.  You can do the same thing.  Just follow this link.
Q4:  How is it possible to integrate Masonic groups into a shared activity?
A:  We have been trying to do this lately.  Take a look at the 2009 Spokane Feast of Tishri. (You may need a fast internet connection.)
Q5:  How can I submit questions or suggestions to this site?
A: Just follow the link to "Contact Host."

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