14. April 2018 - 12:00 till 15:00
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Underground Forest Bathing with Nicole | Underground Yoga ॐ | Saturday, 14. April 2018

As children, we’re always told to listen to our Mother.

The most incredible Maternal Teacher of them all is, Mother Nature herself.

The Japanese call it “Shinrin-yoku”; spending time with trees.

Going within is an understatement.

Walking amongst the trees is scientifically proven to improve our health.

Reducing stress is something we all need and we are blessed to be surrounded by nature to help us lower our heart and blood pressures.

Imagine. It’s scientifically proven that a walk in the forest reduces depression and boosts energy.

We immerse ourselves with multi-tasking day in, day out.
Even at “rest” we are still spinning our wheels.

Join Nicole on this very special journey back to yourself.

“Forest Bathing” is a concept that the Japanese have been studying the physical and psychological effects.

It’s simple really; we are no good to anyone, least of all ourselves, if don’t make time for ourselves for healing, and for resting.

You are just as much a priority as the needs of your loved ones.

If we just listen a little more closely, Mother Nature has a lesson for us.

Let’s listen together.

We meet at the studio for an 12n stretch and we head out to the Forest together.

We will allow the trees to be our Teacher as Nicole masterfully navigates the Appalachian Trail and we’ll return to Underground in time for a 2:30pm healing aprés stretch and sāvasāna.

In a light backpack please bring water, a hand towel and a beach towel to sit, listen and rest among the trees.

No chit chat, no distractions, no technology, no picture taking... just quiet contemplation.
While this is not one of our Silent Hikes, we will keep human communication to a minimum & to honor one another’s journey, our voices will remain soft.

Saturday morning, April 14th.