08. September 2019 - 8:00
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AWAKE Day of Mindfulness w/ Erik and special guests 2019-2020 | Newport Street Retreat | Sunday, 08. September 2019

At AWAKE you spend the day coming back again and again to presence. This is where you’ll discover everything you’ve always wanted is already within. You will see directly that you already are complete. Already one with source/God/peace. Throughout your day you’ll be guided by multiple masterful guides to return to your body, breath and peaceful mind. Whether you are walking, sitting, moving through asana, chanting, eating or lying down to rest you will be guided to do so mindfully. You’ll deeply feel your sensations, you’ll tune into your mind, you’ll hear the music and see the beauty of your surroundings. You'll return to embodiment  You'll reconnect mind, body and spirit. You will AWAKE to the true YOU. ​Sample Schedule... (varies at each retreat)

8 am Welcome. Guided "settling in" meditation.
8:30 am Mindfulness Talk - Mindful Living explained. How to bring the practice of mindfulness into each moment of your one day experience at AWAKE and into your daily life. Outline of the day's ground rules (i.e. skillful silence/no phones/devices etc). 
9:30 am Mindful Asana 
11 am Practice Talk w/ guided practice (i.e. Neurosculpting®) 
Noon Mindful silent vegetarian lunch
1 pm Mindful movement. I.e. Qigong/Tai Chi 
2 pm Guided Seated/Walking Meditation w/ Pranayama  and/or call and response chanting or live music
4 pm Dedication of practice to benefit all beings + complete.