20. July 2018 - 9:00
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Book Bonanza | Denver, Colorado | Friday, 20. July 2018

Welcome to the first annual Book Bonanza - sponsored by The Bookworm Box, Indie Solutions & other future sponsors!
Friday will consist of panel discussions and a vendor expo.
Saturday will consist of author signings!

We're proud to announce that proceeds from Book Bonanza 2018 will benefit Safehouse Denver! Safehouse Denver serves victims of domestic violence and their children through both an emergency shelter and a non-residential Counseling and Advocacy Center.
  • I’m looking for two tickets please! If anyone has any available feel free to PM me, TIA ❤.
  • I have 2 tickets because i cannot attend. How do i return them so more people can get off the wait list? Thank you.
  • Where can I find the attending authors?
  • Where is this event? Has a location been decided?
  • Is this event sold out?
  • Are you still accepting authors?
  • Are there tickets left and where can you get them?
  • Why so few tickets?
  • I have 1 ticket available. $107. Paypal preferred. TICKET IS SOLD.
  • Seriously ladies! I need tickets to this event! I need to know who Max Monroe is 😂😂😂 just 2 tickets! Pretty Please 🙏 if anyone changes their minds or some sort of circumstances come up, I will gladly buy your tickets! Nina Traweek
  • *** are there any tickets left??? 😩I got so busy ADULTING I missed this???
  • I missed it :( Hopefully, a miracle is in the works...
  • Can you buy tickets just to the signing? Or is that free?
  • Where will I find the purchase info? In the group or here?
  • Where is this being held? (Hotel?)
  • Do these tickets go on sale on Monday and where do I purchase them and do we know a price
  • Has anyone heard om what plate form they are beinv sold. Eventbrite,the web page. Thanks for any info
  • Anyone want to go w me?!
  • When will there be more info about tickets? Where are they being sold? How much? How many? Just want to make sure I can get tickets!
  • How much are tickets???
  • How I'm spending my time at work!! #organized #excited #booknerd #thebookwormbox #bookbonanza2018 😂😀🤓
  • Chastity Sparks, Deshebo Wingate and Tracy Chamberlain Hubbard what are we gonna do??? Road trip?!?! Or fly?!?! 🚗📚🛩📚
  • Anyone from San Antonio, tx want to go?
  • Can I just say I LOVE whoever decided to put the list in alphabetical order......
  • I keep hearing about a concert? What concert? Lol