07. April 2018 - 11:00
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Dana Falsetti Encore Weekend | Samadhi Center for Yoga | Saturday, 07. April 2018

If you missed Dana at Samadhi in 2017, you won't want to let that happen again. And, if you were a part of those workshops, get ready for her return with all new topics of exploration!

Dana Falsetti is an advocate for women who want to find the confidence to live life more fully. Originally known for her strength in yoga, Dana now uses her platform to inspire critical thinking, self-awareness, and confidence across multiple media, including her podcast, public speaking engagements, writing, and brand partnerships — in addition to her international yoga workshops.

She has been featured in print and online publications including but not limited to: Seventeen, People, Shape, Upworthy, Mantra, NY Mag, and many more. She was the 2017 Shorty Award winner (recognizing excellence in social media) in the Health and Wellness category, and has been mentioned on numerous lists of “most inspiring.” She aims to inspire others by being herself, constantly progressing towards her own truths.

Creating Space:
In this workshop, Dana will share her story with you and then provide a variety of tips, variations, and prop assists she’s learned from practicing in a larger body so that you can empower yourself in your own practice in a class setting or at home. We will cover everything from seated to standing postures, sun salutations to savasana. This workshop will also be an open Q+A, please bring your questions about postures and we will workshop them together. This workshop is open to all bodies and abilities, anybody looking for more insight to their personal practice or teaching approach.

Creating Inclusivity Workshop for Teachers
A workshop for yoga teachers (and those aspiring to be). This is open to all teachers looking for ways to create a more inclusive class environment. Dana will share her experience as both a student and teacher in a larger body and different approaches to working with a variety of bodies. She will cover some of her favorite variations and show you how to use props for accessibility and more importantly, why we might need to use them. She will address inclusive language and being mindful and conscious of what we say as teachers. Appropriate for anybody with an open mind, looking for a different perspective, or seeking to foster a more inclusive and accessible environment. This workshop also functions as a Q+A with Dana, so feel free to bring the questions you might not know who/how to ask about teaching larger bodies, body image, etc. and get some honest answers in open dialogue. Please bring a journal and prepare for self-relefection as well.

Strong Foundations
In this workshop, Dana will share her story with you and then break down a Sun Salutation in a way that encourages you to consider what you’re actually asking your body to do in each posture. She will offer thoughtful cues each step of the way, and show you how to tailor the sequence to your personal practice. From an informed understanding of these fundamental postures you will see the rest of your practice shift. Focus will be on controlled movements, relative alignment, and connecting shapes. This workshop is suitable for total beginners and intermediate students looking for a fresh perspective. This is the perfect workshop for those who want a chance to evolve and stabilize their personal practice in a more in depth way, and tune into body awareness with further attention to detail.

The Yamas
In this workshop, Dana will share her story with you and then share excerpts from her favorite books in combination with her own understanding of the 5 Yamas - an essential foundation of yoga practice. Whether you are familiar with the Yamas or have never heard of them, this workshop is sure to spark many points of critical thought and self awareness within you. Consider why you practice and how you’re practicing, living, on and off your mat. The Yamas have given Dana important insights that have shifted her entire experience. Come learn a bit more about where yoga comes from, why we are meant to learn the Yamas before we practice Asana (physical postures), and how they can unlock a different reality. Definitely bring a journal to this one, friends!

Please note no refunds; transfers ok.