18. January 2018 - 14:45

I challenge Ajit Pai to a fight behind the bleachers after school | Alexander-Carr Playground | Thursday, 18. January 2018

Important note: please do NOT actually threaten Ajit’s life. He’s a **** but I don’t want to get arrested for this group. It’s all in good fun. Doing so will get you deleted. No doxxing either

Ajit Pai, you’re a bully so I’m gonna communicate with you the only way you know how, I’m gonna challenge you to a fight old school style. Man to man. Be there you chicken-livered, poltroonish SOB.
  • He don't want it.
  • Popcorn Small 2$, Large 3$, Gummy bears 50c.
  • This guy makes me sick, maybe he can get cancer for Christmas.
  • Guys, bullying is not fun. Lets handle this like civilized people. Inside a cage, 3 rounds, 5 minutes each, unified MMA rules. Instead of violence, lets solve this with a healthy dose of sports. Thanks!
  • wanting this to be true
  • totally gonna get this dork's lunch money lol
  • This guy is a coward ..he wont show up..but if he does ..teach him a lesson...
  • I'll remember that scumbag forever
  • Alexis Rennie
  • Aww ****, I think I have training that day for my job. Someone film it?
  • This needs to happen
  • **** HIM UP!!!
  • Aw **** I've got class then D:
  • But you do know HE totally looks like the kid to tell the teacher
  • Dude’s going down bruh
  • No. 3:00 high.
  • I'll take this scrublord on I'm ripped.
  • Liam Humel Mara Brooks take this post down! this is criminal threatening!
  • This is going to be the best birthday ever!
  • Please pay 20$ to reveal the streaming link.
  • I am an experienced butcher 10+ years.... I challenge him to a knife fight....
  • He was bought and paid for by Verizon and then some ---- piece of ****