08. February 2020 - 10:00
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Latinx Retreat (3rd Annual) | DePaul University | Cabrini Retreat Center | Saturday, 08. February 2020

¡Mi existencia es resistencia!
Reflect on what it means to be Latinx, to build community with other Latinx students at DePaul and explore spiritual practices that will help us connect on how we can create social change in our communities.
Please note:
A registration form is also required to complete your sign-up. After or before your payment, complete your registration by filling out this form.
Students will gather at CCM on Saturday, February 8, at 9:30am and return on Sunday, February 9, at 5pm.
Students attending must be currently enrolled at DePaul University
The cost of this retreat covers your transportation, food supplies and room. No refunds will be issued unless requested 2 weeks prior to the first day of the retreat, February 8.