28. February 2018 - 20:00 till 22:00
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MerleFest on the Road - Red Clay Music Foundry - Duluth, GA | Red Clay Music Foundry | Wednesday, 28. February 2018

#MerleFestontheRoad is an ensemble show with a rotating cast of past and present MerleFest artists selected to represent the festival's mission of celebrating "traditional plus music." The show tours the South in late winter every year to highlight the artists and to promote the popular Americana music festival founded by the legendary Doc Watson. The MerleFest artists for #merlefestontheroad2018 are The Way Down Wanderers, The Barefoot Movement and Andy May.


“The Way Down Wanderers is a 5-piece modern-folk Americana freight train of strings, spoons, and soul. No matter the individual circumstances of your day, week, or month, these youthful, foot-stomping, dread-rocking, classically trained humans will lend you their joyful energy long enough for you to make it your own. ” —Kevin Alan Lamb, Sound & Silence

“The Way Down the Steep Canyon Rangers on in a staggeringly energetic set of electrifying bluegrass numbers that had a packed room moving and clapping.” — Henry Carrigan, No Depression

“Luxuriant bluegrass picking and steady percussion are met by tinges of fiddle and cello-based classical influence, making for an exquisite overall package that's quickly readying the Wanderers to take not just Illinois or the States, but the world by storm.” — PopWrapped.com

“The band creates layers of lush instrumentation that serve as a perfect soundscape for their gorgeous vocal harmonies. Their live show is full of energy and just a **** good time. They're one of those bands that you can tell has a lot of fun doing what they do.” — Midwest Action


“One of the most promising bands on the bluegrass scene.” — CMT Edge

“With groups like The Barefoot Movement on the scene, the future of bluegrass is in safe hands.” — The Daily Country

“The Barefoot Movement is a group that embodies all the things that I love about what is referred to as "traditional" are both great players, singers AND arrangers of ORIGINAL know the importance of having and building an identity of their own. And it's these original songs and the way that they have arranged and delivered these tunes that really captures your attention and keeps you wanting more” — Adam Steffey


“(Andy May's) distinct style of writing and performing with a mixture of warmth, sensitivity and good nature bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary American music with purity and exuberance.” — David Sokol, WRSI

“You can feel the salt of life in his songs. Really, few active songwriters can grab a listener with small-town stories and sharply cut images like Andy May.” — Jamsphere.com

“A blazing guitar picker and mandolinist!.” — The Springfield News

“Our enthusiasm was shared by the 50,000 strong in the audience..” — Peace Train Foundation