29. April 2018 - 19:00 till 22:00
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Worship Night In America - Duluth, GA | Infinite Energy Center | Sunday, 29. April 2018

"It is powerful when all streams of the church come together in an act of unity to worship and the heart behind 2018's Worship Night In America Tour." -Chris Tomlin. Join us for a night of worship featuring Kim Walker-Smith, Matt Maher, Christine D'Clario, Tauren Wells and Pat Barrett!
  • Let’s go ladies 😘 Mariza Eller TravisTedra McPherson Charlie Ann Smith Jessica Wilkes Kimberly Higgins
  • Very disappointed in how Ticketmaster handled tickets for this concert. I bought 2 tickets in the front row of section 222 the day they went on sale. Received the email & printed them. Later, I get a call from Ticketmaster telling me that they weren't available. When I called them back they told me what tickets were available and I selected a section & row. She told me that she would have to have another department check with the broker to be sure they were available and would have to put me on a short hold. 30 minutes later she comes back & says she has not had a reply from her request so she's not sure they're available. I said that I'm looking at the Ticketmaster website and they show resale seats available in that section & row. She says no they're not. She says that she is in the resale department & they are not necessarily valid. So are they presenting tickets for sale that aren't really valid? I cancelled my order rather than be on hold any longer. Total time for the phone call was over 60 minutes. I've been looking for a couple of years for a Chris Tomlin concert in Atlanta and disappointed that we'll miss this one.