16. April 2017 - 17:00
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Set and Setting, an Evening Length Improvised Dance Performance | 21c Museum Hotel Durham Nc | Sunday, 16. April 2017

New work by The Department of Improvised Dance with live music by D-Town Brass!! 3 shows: Easter Sunday, April 16 at 5pm and 7pm and Monday, April 17 at 7pm. All in the Main Gallery of 21c Museum Hotel - Downtown Durham.

The Department of Improvised Dance, founded and directed by Matthew Young, presents a full-length improvisation that questions the tyranny of the normal. In Set and Setting, the number of dancers, the length of the movement segments, and the musical composition (an original by D-Town Brass) all rise and fall as the performance progresses. The dance presents the audience with shifting configurations of bodies that crawl over, caress, and inspect each other with the beautiful curiosity of infants or animals. These intricate relationships, evolving in real time and set within with a hallucinatory physical environment designed and built by Young, suggest that freedom may be the opposite of normalcy and reveal that we are all wonderfully strange.

Tickets are available online at:

Or, tickets will be sold at the door, $10-$20 sliding scale.