16. April 2017 - 17:00
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Set and Setting, an Evening Length Improvised Dance Performance | 21c Museum Hotel Durham Nc | Sunday, 16. April 2017

New work by The Department of Improvised Dance with live music by D-Town Brass!! 3 shows: Easter Sunday, April 16 at 5pm and 7pm and Monday, April 17 at 7pm. All in the Main Gallery of 21c Museum Hotel - Downtown Durham.

The Department of Improvised Dance, founded and directed by Matthew Young, presents a full-length improvisation that questions the tyranny of the normal. In Set and Setting, the number of dancers, the length of the movement segments, and the musical composition (an original by D-Town Brass) all rise and fall as the performance progresses. The dance presents the audience with shifting configurations of bodies that crawl over, caress, and inspect each other with the beautiful curiosity of infants or animals. These intricate relationships, evolving in real time and set within with a hallucinatory physical environment designed and built by Young, suggest that freedom may be the opposite of normalcy and reveal that we are all wonderfully strange.

Tickets are available online at:

Or, tickets will be sold at the door, $10-$20 sliding scale.
  • I know there's some conflicting info out there but you can get tix in advance. Just gotta whip out the plastic and click here:
  • Hey - really great write up in the paper today - take a look...
  • Just a few days away from showtime! Don't forget you can get tix online. We will also take cash/check and credit card at the door.
  • One more clip from last night. Really like how this is turning out.
  • Really excited about what D-town Brass is putting together for the show! Here's a little piece.
  • Hey Look! - there's now an eventbrite page for online ticket sales. check it.
  • Hey Everybody - as you may know, there's a fundraiser to help support this show (mostly to pay the artists). It's ending tomorrow. Contribute if you can! Thanks!!
  • How do you rehearse improv? It goes a little something like this.
  • Show poster (version #2) is hot off the presses. Look for them around town! Everything is coming together for this unusual and beautiful work. Don't miss it!
  • Hi folks! Friendly Saturday reminder that we have a fund raiser underway. Just over a week left and it would be great to get a few more contributions this weekend. Can you put a few dollars to support art today?
  • Got our posters printed today and they look great! Couldn't decide which photo was best so I did 2 different posters. Here's the first one Thanks to Tim Walter for the excellent photography!
  • Getting the set ready for the show. Here's how it looks so far...
  • Wish I could be there! Congrats :)
  • A little bit of the music as it develops... from the first D-Town brass + Dept. Of Improvised Dance collaboration. Loving it!
  • Just got a contribution from A. Nonymous. So mysterious! Thanks!
  • And look at Kaitlin June putting her $ where her 👄is! Artists supporting artists! Love it. Thank you for the contribution!!!
  • Big thanks to Joy Williamson for being our second contributor! The best MIL a guy could hope for!!
  • Oh boy! We got our first supporter for the indiegogo fundraiser. Thanks Bepi Pinner.... uh.... (mom) for getting things started! Who's next?
  • And... for those able to help out financially, we're are hoping to be able to pay the various artists involved in this project and get a good quality video shot and edited. Check out this link and share with your friends. Thanks!!