13. February 2020 - 8:30 till 15:00
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Functional Behavior Assessments/Behavior Intervention Plans | Black Hawk Area Special Education District (BHASED) | Thursday, 13. February 2020

About the Workshop:
 Participants will be exposed to a variety of data collection methods and tools, discuss how to collect data, determine function of behavior, develop a hypothesis, and appropriate interventions to address the behavior.  Participants will have the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice. Participants will need to bring their laptops to take part in the activities. 
Anticipated Outcomes:
1.    Participants will be able to identify function of behaviors.
2.    Participants will be able to identify an appropriate data collection tool(s) when completing a FBA.
3.    Participants will utilize tools to conduct functional behavior assessments and develop a clear, specific behavior intervention plan.