14. December 2019 - 10:00 till 12:00
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Is Your Financial Ship Seaworthy? El Paso | WSB El Paso Financial Education Center | Saturday, 14. December 2019

A new year fast approaches and there are questions we need to ask ourselves. Is our financial ship, seaworthy? Before our ship sets sail are we certain that it can travel our required and desired distance?
Can our ship (what we keep, not earnings) safely navigate certain waters (everyday life occurrences) that will be encountered over the course of our travels to our desired destination (financial wellbeing, financial security, financial freedom)?
Most vessels can supposedly navigate regular waters (debt) but might not succeed in charting their way through Arctic waters (financial illiteracy: money and compound interest working against us, paying more taxes, earning less and inefficient financial solutions and structure).
Besides the waters, what about the storms (emergencies) that might arise during the course of our journey? Will a slight financial storm topple, hinder, or halt our journey in its tracks? Similar to those who experienced hurricanes or major disasters, only a few can dust themselves and move on.
A Seaworthy Solution:
Attend our business meeting. Progress is moving closer towards your desired goal. Join our fight against poverty and social inequality. Join our campaign, become a campaigner. Help educate to liberate and attain financial freedom for yourself, family and loved ones. The first family to help is yours!
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