04. November 2017 - 17:00 till 21:00
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Farm to Table -Cuatro Hermanas - Four Sisters Feast | Terra Madre Gardens | Saturday, 04. November 2017

This elegant and joyful meal, prepared by four outstanding women chefs, will focus on the famous "Three Sisters" of Mexico (corn, beans, & squash) ~ plus the often forgotten fourth sister, amaranth.

The multi-course, vegan, gourmet dinner of anti-colonial and freedom loving-foods will be served under the magical, lighted oaks of Terra Madre Gardens in North County San Diego. Guests will be surrounded by productive and beautiful organic vegetables and flower beds as well as the garden's unique 2017 Day of the Dead Altar.

All proceeds from this magical event will directly benefit the
Zapatista Food Forest Project of Schools for Chiapas in Chiapas, Mexico.

The four women chefs are Jessica Sanchez, Diana Aversa, Esmeralda Hummingbird, Miriam Aguilar.

Musicians for the evening include Diana Aversa & Eduardo García with Son Jarocho vibes, Nana Obrafo Yaw Asiedu bringing the ancient African percussion, Susan Beattie with her new folk/rock band, Moises Reynoso sharing his lyrical flows, and Sol Remedy spreading their Reggae roots. Join us!

5pm Arrival

5 to 8pm Drinks, dinner & Entertainment
(Son Jarocho, Calaveritas)

8 to 9 pm Music - Sol Remedy

Advanced tickets before Oct. 31, 2017
Individual ticket ~ $50
Couples ticket ~ $75
Table (seats 6) ~ $200

Tickets after Oct. 30, 2017
Individual Ticket - $75
Couples ticket - $120
Table (seats 6) - $300


Volunteer servers, dishwashers, bartenders, sound technitions, assistant chiefs, and creative art consultants attend free. If you would like to volunteer, please DM.

You can purchase tickets directly at Terra Madre Gardens or Hillcrest Farmers Market TMG Booth

*** Due to Food Preparation Reasons,
there will be NO TICKETS SOLD AT THE DOOR ***

In case you're from out of town or can't attend for any reason you can donate to support the Zapatista Food Forest here:
  • Friends and Family, We are officially SOLD OUT It makes us feel so happy, loved and grateful for your support. This evening will be so very special! We are also excited to announce to you all our tentative schedule of happenings on Terra Madre for 2018 February 10 - Farm to Table - Lovers Brunch March 24 - Seed Fest 2018 April 21 - Farm to Table - Raw Roots July 28 - Day out of Time - Time is Art September 22 - Cosmic Garden 2018 November 3 - Farm to Table - Harvesting Abundance Follow Terra Madre Gardens on FB and Instagram to get our updates. Thank you all!!
  • Thanks to all the early birds that have gotten their ticket already! If you are still wanting to come, please buy your tickets soon. We have a 10 more table placements. Deadline to buy regular price tickets is tomorrow 11/1 at Midnight. image:TheStoryTellersHouse
  • Our Special guest for the evening will be Barry Logan. We honor this great soul for setting roots many years ago on this land with La Milpa Organica. When La Milpa was created it allowed for anyone whom had a real desire to learn from the land to come and participate and get their hands in the earth. At the time, a place like this in San Diego was unheard of. When we arrived we were overwhelmed by the restraints and demands the outside world had put upon us. The philosophy that permeated from Barry was so simple yet revolutionary. He once had mentioned that it was in a sense a sort of social experiment. Allowing for a quasi anarchistic learning space that gave you the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. Though at first such a method led to frustrations, ultimately it was liberating. Barry just wanted people to see how important growing food was, how our actions affected the whole and to understand that food sovereignty is a critical element for our present and future. He was talking about feeding the soil and regenerative practices before they were even considered relative terms. We thank you Barry for planting a seed that today still grows and will no doubt one day be a mighty oak.
  • Our menu is complete! *All dishes will be vegan and gluten free* On this special evening we will be enjoying the following courses: 1 - Terra Madre Gardens Signature SALAD with homemade dressing served with a Hibiscus and Rose Iced Tea 2- POZOLE - "hominy", is a traditional Mexican soup served with PULQUE (traditional fermented drink) 3 - TAMALES - traditional Mexican dish with corn base maza served with TEPACHE (pineapple drink) 4 - TAQUITOS - bean taquitos drizzled with delicious mild salsa served with LIMONADA Y CHIA (Lemonade with Chia Seeds) 5 - CALABAZA EN DULCE (Caramelized Butternut Squash) Served with CHAMPURRADO (chocolate-based atole,prepared with corn masa) * TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR EARLY BIRD PRICING* https://www.eventbrite.com/e/farm-to-table-dinner-cuatro-hermanas-four-sisters-feast-tickets-37675194521
  • ~Un Recuerdo que Dejo~ ¿*** qué he de irme? ¿Nada dejaré en pos de mi sobre la tierra? ¿Cómo ha de actuar mi corazón? ¿Acaso en vano venimos a vivir, a brotar sobre la tierra? Dejemos al menos flores Dejemos al menos cantos ~I Will Leave a Memory~ With what should I leave? Will I leave nothing of me behind here on earth? How should my heart act? Is it that in vain we come to live, to sprout on this earth? Let's at least leave flowers Let's at least leave songs Netzahualcóyotl. On this special dinner we will have the honor to have Melisa Cortez and Pablo Acevedo in our midst. They will gift us with song, poetry and a Ofrenda (Day of the Dead Atar).
  • Our Dia De Los Muertos Dinner will be coupled with local talents to bring the life of music to our plates. Music is deeply rooted in connecting with our ancestors and our loved ones whom have passed. On this day we honor the spirit of all who came before us so that we make a connection and bring about a more meaningful present now. We are honored to have with us the following Musicians: Diana Aversa and Eduardo García with Son Jarocho vibes. Nana Obrafo Yaw Asiedu bringing the ancient percussion. Moises Reynoso sharing his lyrical flows. Sol Remedy spreading their Reggae roots. All tickets must be purchased through Eventbrite. An early head count is needed to prepare accordingly. No tickets will be available at the door! *Last Day for Early Bird pricing is October 30th! *Last Day for ticket purchases is November 3rd! Tickets can be purchased at the following link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/farm-to-table-dinner-cuatro-hermanas-four-sisters-feast-tickets-37675194521
  • Inspired by the story of three sisters, these four women have been working to bring us a delicious menu for us to enjoy. They have known each other for many years and have discovered how to support each other's growth. They will be delighting us with an authentic, traditional Mexican Menu that will highlight the Fall harvesting season as well as the "Dia de los Muertos" and the Four Sister's theme. All dishes will be vegan friendly. (menu to be released shortly)
  • The connection between 'Schools for Chiapas' and 'Terra Madre Gardens' is a deep and important one. In 1994 Terra Madre Gardens' owner, Jessica, was only 13 years old, but rooted in her since a young age was a love for people and a search for justice. She spent a year in Mexico finding ways to be involved and help in any way she could, but she was given the message that her work was to be done here in the U.S. At her return in 1995, she found Schools for Chiapas and began working with the organization fundraising, gathering school supplies and food to take in caravans and educating people across San Diego on the mission of the Zapatistas. In early 2005 Jessica visited what was then La Milpa Organica to plant Semilla Madre en Resistencia (Mother Seed in Resistance), corn donated by Zapatista communities. Falling in love with the land and the idea of being able to learn to grow her own food, a few months later she had quit her job and moved to the farm to dedicate herself to farming. Fast forward to now, she is still planting Zapatista corn and tending the fields. Her love for the land and growing food has intensified and gained meaning and intention through the years. We are grateful to Schools for Chiapas (Peter Brown) and to La Milpa Organica (Barry Logan) for having opened up the space for growth and the establishment of this farm/gardens that are intended to be here to serve for many more years to come.
  • Who are the Zapatistas? Why do they cover their faces? Here a little bit of background on the history on the Zapatistas.
  • Schools for Chiapas has been honored over the last 20 years to participate in the ongoing research and educational programs of Zapatista ecological agriculture. From bees to trees and bugs to cows, this long-term education project includes in-depth workshops, research, experimentation, and classes all addressing the needs of autonomous Mayan communities in today’s Chiapas. Often this education is focused on recouping, or re-discovering, ancient traditions which may be almost extinct, but are actually vital and efficient for small farming families today. Only support from people of conscience around the world allows us to continue this vital, grass-roots program supporting education for Zapatista Ecological Agricultural Promoters. Schools for Chiapas enthusiastically invites your participation in a major new educational process now creating food forests at more than a dozen Zapatista middle schools throughout Chiapas, Mexico! These food forests are being created at many autonomous boarding schools – from mile-high pine/oak forests to sea-level tropical rain forests. In addition to fruits, nuts, berries, root crops, and animal forage; every school is working to include a wide variety of traditional medicinal plants in their food forest. The goal is to create resilient food systems resistant to climate change and political violence. Local autonomous schools, under the leadership of their Good Government Board, are working with communities to recover knowledge and to donate plant stock for this innovative research and educational effort. Mayan mother-tongue languages are used to name the plants; Spanish is used as the bridge for students from different ethnic groups to share plant names and food forest design features. Four times a year, dozens of students and education promoters are gathering at various centers for intensive, hands-on workshops about food forests.
  • The Iroquois Legend of the Three Sisters: The term “Three Sisters” emerged from the Iroquois creation myth. It was said that the earth began when “Sky Woman” who lived in the upper world peered through a hole in the sky and fell through to an endless sea. The animals saw her coming, so they took the soil from the bottom of the sea and spread it onto the back of a giant turtle to provide a safe place for her to land. This “Turtle Island” is now what we call North America. Sky woman had become pregnant before she fell. When she landed, she gave birth to a daughter. When the daughter grew into a young woman, she also became pregnant (by the West wind). She died while giving birth to twin boys. Sky Woman buried her daughter in the “new earth.” From her grave grew three sacred plants—corn, beans, and squash. These plants provided food for her sons, and later, for all of humanity. For this special dinner we honor the three sisters and also call in the ancient spirit of amaranth. Amaranth was used in ceremonial practices in Mexico – shaped into images of the gods and eaten as communion using human blood as glue to hold the grains together. The Spanish (Cortez and his conquistadors) associated amaranth with pagan practices, so they ordered all fields to be burned and no consumption of amaranths was allowed. To the natives amaranth was known as the “grain of the gods” and it was a staple in their diet for thousands of years. It has been found in Aztec burial mounds that are 6,000 years old. ********************************************************* These four sisters will be brought together to take you through journey of flavors intended to give you an experience that connects you to a rich ancestral past. All dishes will be vegan. ******************************************************* Tickets Available: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/farm-to-table-dinner-cuatro-hermanas-four-sisters-feast-tickets-37675194521