22. October 2018 - 18:45 till 20:45
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Monday Night Magic with Intuitive Healer Amanda Mehalick | heart tribe | Monday, 22. October 2018

Enhance your spiritual practice as we heal, connect, discover, & explore. 
Each class a new topic will be introduced, a meditation will take place, and an individual or group ritual will occur.
2nd and 4th Monday of each month 
Curious? Email Amanda@WordsThatHeal.US for more info 

Who is Amanda? As an extreme empath, Amanda has been providing support for others since before she can remember. Giving advice and helping those around her through their emotional crises seemed only natural. It wasn't until her early 20's when she enrolled in an intense Multidimensional Healing Program, that she realized just how sacred her gifts truly are. Opening up to her Clairvoyance, while mastering healthy boundaries, Amanda graduated with a whole new set of tools that now aide her in assisting clients along their life journeys. Able to connect to past-lives, departed loved ones, and intuit upcoming life changes, Amanda's main approach is focused around healing. An Intuitive & Vibrational Healer, Vocal Channel, Crystal Magician, and Spiritual Teacher, Amanda is pleased to provide comfort and peace as she shares the messages your Guides, Unseen Friends, and Higher Self have for you. 
Who is Lustré? The word ‘Lustré’ means radiant or luminous brightness; shining light - this is how those who work with them have reported experiencing their energy. Lustré sheds light into areas of my client's lives I am not able to fully access on my own. Their multi-dimensional presence brings through much more than unconditional love and support, but also clarity, guidance, and deep healing. After many years of professional training learning how to move my energy aside, building the trust, and experiencing Lustré's magic, my vocal channeling is a sacred gift I am delighted to share to all those who feel called to work in this way.  ​​