27. July 2017 - 9:00 till 16:30
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TEDxFargo 2017: For | Fargo Civic Center | Thursday, 27. July 2017

Now more than ever, ideas matter. Ideas can help create possibilities. Ideas can help solve challenges. In a world when so many are against or anti, we want to be solutions-oriented. TEDxFargo 2017 asks, "What are you for?"

The TEDxFargo team is crafting a day full of ideas and experiences to bring a world-class event to our community. From the stage, you'll hear more than 20 national and global thought leaders sharing ideas worth spreading to help solve challenges and create possibilities. Most talks will be 12 minutes or less, giving you the chance to try on many ideas during the day to see what sticks, what resonates, and what ideas you want to help move into action. TEDxFargo's goal is to be the TEDx event in the world best known for activating ideas in our community - to do that, we need you to join us.

We're giving you permission to make the Fargo Civic Center and downtown Fargo your playground for the day. You can start the day with optional morning adventures that will give you a new way of thinking about and experiencing your community. Inside the Fargo Civic Center, you'll find a world-class event with opportunities to experience locally roasted coffee, an infusion of arts, and speakers sharing ideas worth spreading. For lunch, local growers and chefs will delight you with a fresh, hand-crafted meal to be shared with friends old and new. After a full day of ideas and experiences, we invite you to continue exploring our community and thinking about how to move those ideas to action.

Included with your TEDxFargo ticket:
Locally roasted coffee and iced coffee
Snacks and beverages during breaks
Lunch crafted by local chefs
Optional morning adventures
Ideas. Lots of ideas.

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